Role Playing General


Normal Rules for Normal People™


1: The Highly Typical “Don’t Be A Reddit Troll” Rules.


RPG is not a place for the following: 


Politics: None of you are experts, neither are we. This covers a broad spectrum of topics, and includes discussions of the other entries below. An excellent rule of thumb is to always speak for yourself, because you do not speak for others unless you're elected to do so. This means that any sweeping generalization about a specific group of people is liable to get you kicked.


Sexism: This refers to unironic discussions IE Men vs Women’s driving, yadda yadda. It is the stance of GS staff that everyone here and elsewhere is equal until proven stupid, period, end of story.


Racism: the hottest button issue that makes people the most upset these days. Best not to even joke. The absolute most we should EVER hear about this subject in chat, is references to each other's skin as 'pale' or 'chocolate', for the purposes of being descriptive of each other's exotic APPEARANCE in rp.


OOC Religion: we don’t mind that you have faith and stuff, just don’t shove it down our throats, and don’t bash others for theirs. Thanks. 


Racist/Sexist/Phobic Characters: It is the stance of the RPG mod team that these buzzwords can and do make interesting flaws in a writer's characters. Therefore In-character content within profiles is not grounds for removal. This will be judged on a case by case basis. In addition, characters that fit this description will be barred from public RP inside the room itself, but not inside the public rooms of the Discord.


Language Policing: We are not going to come down on people for the use of words. That being said, the far and away egregious offenders are still banned BOTH OOC AND IC. 

     What's banned: Any variation of the word "negro", any variation of       the word "faggot", and overall harassment of any group or indiviual. Case by case basis, as usual.


2: The “Your Profile Can Suck But It Can’t Be...” Rules.


GS’s profile policy is as follows:

Absolutely no pedophilia, gore, or otherwise shocking content is allowed to be front-facing on your profile. This means that the first thing you see on someone’s profile shouldn't be any more NSFW than Pornhub's front page. Underaged characters (Below 16) are not to be sexualized in any way, in any part of the profile.


Profiles that break the 1st rule set are unacceptable. Your character can be racist or sexist, but if it’s their only front facing characteristic, and it's clear that the profile is made for shock value rather than RP, you will be asked to leave.


Obviously if someone has stolen your profile, spread that information around as quickly as possible so the mod teams of each room can issue a quick response ban. 


3: The “Well I didn’t plan for that so it’s not in the rules” Rule.

In addition to the other rules, it may eventually be necessary to make a decision based on other information. Keep in mind the following:


The single, solitary sitewide rule still applies. Anything illegal in the United States is unacceptable here.


Rphaven sitewide ban precedent will be used for our decision making. For example, if you’re here to stir up drama instead of RP, and admit aloud that you aren’t here to rp, you’re liable to get canned.

Addendum 1: Links

Links in chat have the same rules above applied to them. The language and imagery must fall within guidelines. That being said, you should expect 90% of links in chat to be pornographic, or otherwise NSFW.


What to do if someone's breaking our rules? 


SCREENSHOT EVERYTHING. Seriously. Please. This gives us a lot of room to work with as staff. The more you provide, the more you can be sure that we can handle the issue for you. Lightshot is a perfect tool for taking screen shots, doesn't cost you anything. 


When reporting rule breaking, DM any active staff in the room or on the info page. We'll act on the info as soon as we can. It may take a bit to sort everything out but we'll try our best. DISCORD IS THE MOST RELIABLE WAY TO CONTACT STAFF.


These rules may be subject to changes or alterations by staff as time goes on. 


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