So, I'm gonna be straight with all y'all. I'm (very) bad at coding. But the Dapper Dragon exists for twofold reasons. The first reason is that we all need to get back to our core roots, interactive roleplay. As such, private scenes are totally okay; however, as a general rule, anything in the public room is treated as just that: public. Drop in/drop out play is bound to happen, like any Lego game.


The second reason is that there is far too much nitpicking going about and around. I get it. Not everyone likes one another, and I understand. However, this is a group collaborative effort; so check your drama at the proverbial door, if you'd be so kind. Now. Rules. There aren't many, but this is at least for now a small room.


Rule 1: No drama, out of character. Keep it IC for some healthy character development. And no inter-room drama.

Rule 2: Moderators and admin are IC. 100% of the time; if there's something/someone bugging you, send us a PM about it, include screenshots, we'll deliberate from there.

Rule 3: Fights acceptable. character deaths are acceptable provided BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO IT. But keep it OUTSIDE OF THE SPA ITSELF. There are spaces listed below for such things; and damnit, the staff worked hard to make the Dapper Dragon pretty.

Rule 4: Those that work the Spa are to be considered NPCs. Ping us for play, we're not picky. Like at all.

Rule 5: Smut is acceptable in PM. The staff themselves may or may not have a special ping or 'menu item' for smut; that is entirely up to discretion. IE; Pinging Jegudiel as 'Horn Daddy' alerts that you are interested in 'special treatment'.

Rule 6: Spamming/trolling/ the like is an immediate ban for 24 hours.

Rule 7: I shouldn't have to mention it, but I will. No lolitacon/shotacon-oriented profiles here. At all, whatsoever. Either you come in finished with puberty, or you don't come in.


The Dapper Dragon is, first and foremost, a spa catering to a specific clientele; primarily, monsters, hybrids and the like. It sits on the outskirts of a sprawling medieval metropolitan, framed by picturesque mountains on all sides, landscape  verdant and lush, a cascade of green valley and surprisingly, little turmoil occurs despite the sheer amount of open space. The staff is friendly, and each a unique species of dragon hired specifically for their talents to aid in the relaxation. Non-monstrous races are equally welcome, whether they choose to peruse the gift shop or spend some time admiring the staff and clientele, or even a visit to the spa proper itself! Though be warned; there are certain options on the spa menus that may cater to a more... Debased nature. After all, every creature deserves to be pampered after a good dungeon crawl, no matter the dungeon.