• About the room

    Star Wars is a vast series spanning many different generations of characters, and not all of them can meet appropriately. So rather than restrict the room to a single spot in the timeline, people can start events in any point they wish. If enough characters can fit into that setting, feel free! While the room does have a main time for it's purely plot driven setting, do not feel required to be a part of it.


    Do whatever. Make it work. We can do things they couldn't.

















  • The main setting/Changes

    19 years after the fall of the Jedi Order (around/before the start of A New Hope) the Galactic Empire has seized control. Crushed within the iron fist of the Sith, the galaxy fears for the worst, and the Rebellion is being pushed to the brink of collapse.


    At the edge of the system, a small chunk of space has been claimed by a force outside the Emperor's control, ruled by the Kalee Warlord Grievous, wielding a power Sidious feared from the very beginning, but with word of a super weapon controlled by the Empire, the Kaleesh lay in wait, taking no part in this civil war.
















  • Owners, Mods, and others

    Owner - Grievous


    Mod - 

















  • Rules & Information

    We want to ensure a level of quality control with the room. This isn't in regards to how pretty a profile looks, or cosmetics overall, simply content. To avoid any major issues, please message an Owner or Mod if you wish to join with a character that is entirely of your own making. We'll approve them if possible.


    1. No OOC harassment, hate speech, etc. If you are being harassed message an Owner or Mod. We'll look into it and sort it out as needed.


    2. No duplicate characters. The only exception to this is if you're only interested in using specific versions of characters from different times that are VERY different. For example Anaken/Darth Vader could be two separate characters if someone playing one version does not wish to play the other.


    3. While not always clear in the series itself, there is a clear difference in power and skill between characters. As such a distinction must be made regarding the difference between godmodding, and a very unbalanced fight, should combat occur.


    4. If your character is exceedingly high in power you better have a good reason. Not even Anaken was powerful for no reason. If your character is ONLY defined by their power, then please make adjustments to round them out more. You need a purpose other than winning.


    5. Sexual content is a thing that exists, so it's not exactly something we can't ignore IC. As long as you're keeping things to a reasonable level and not smutting in the room itself, sure, go ahead. Please really stress what reasonable means. People typically do not have intense discussions about sex in public.


    6. Don't ship characters you degenerates.
















"There is no try"