• Greetings, traveler and welcome to Tyrmere's Hollow. A medium sized farming community located in a northern temperate region. The season grows ever colder as the town is plunged into winter. To the north and east are the Wrenfall Woods, which gives way to a deeper, older forest. Tyrmere's Hollow is mostly human farmers and tradespeople, with a mix of halflings in residence as well.

    Key Locations

    The Summer Wine Tavern- Hosted by Lady Briarhill, the Summer Wine is the most frequented location in Tyrmere's Hollow. Travelers and adventurers alike stop by for a refreshing drink, a warm meal, and the latest gossip the Hollow has to offer. The drinks are reasonably priced, and one can always find assistance with the friendly staff. Guards often patrol this location as the crowd has a tendency to get too rowdy during the late hours. It's not uncommon to find adventuring parties stopped within to regain their strength before continuing on.

    The Darkleaf Inn- Located outside of town, just inside Wrenfall woods, the Inn caters to the more antagonistic type of patrons. The laws of Tyrmere's Hollow do not apply inside the Inn, and the occupants rather govern themselves. Travelers are warned to watch their coinpurse while visiting, as theft is known to happen frequently inside the walls of the Darkleaf. The owner is an ex guard of Tyrmere's Hollow, Mikeal Avern and do gooders are refused service. Guards tend to stay away from the Darkleaf Inn, but sometimes must journey there in hopes to resolve mysterious disappearances.

  • ONEPlayer vs Player (In Character Fights) are to be kept to Private Rooms or Private Message at the request of the room management. If you have questions or wish to have the results impact the room, please contact a room owner privately.

    TWOWe ask that you take smut and other lewd activities to Private Message. Public displays of affection are allowed as long as it doesn't make other players uncomfortable.

    THREEPlease keep OOC drama out of the room. If you have a problem with a decision that has been made please contact a moderator in Private Message to discuss the issue.

    FOURWhile we accept any character, we ask that room play be reserved for characters set in the medieval fantasy genre. (No guns or modern attire. Please do not try to adapt your modern character for room play. We do not allow that, or multiple character names to play in the room.)

    FIVETyrmere's Hollow laws are as follows: Murder(Execution), Theft(Jail time), Rape(Execution), Property Damage(Jail time), Assault(Jail time). Failure to comply with the punishment to these crimes may result in the immediate dismissal from the room.

    SIXWe ask that you do not advertise for other rooms or discords while in the room. Thank you!

    SevenDo not disrespect or ignore a moderator's decision. If a mod has issued you a warning do not continue doing it. Ignoring a moderator's warning will result in a kick. Ignoring a kick will result in a ban. Any and all slandering/name calling will also result in a kick.

    (All rules are subject to change at any time. All bans may be appealed by contacting a room owner.)

  • CAPTAIN GUISSARDA human female, and the guard captain for Tyrmere's Hollow.

    FATHER WESSEKA human male, and town cleric of Erastil, the God of farming, hunting, and trade.

    CASTOR BOURDEAUXA human male and town butcher for Tyrmere's Hollow. (Wife deceased)

    TIMEAUS BOURDEAUXA human male, at age 23. The son of Castor Bourdeaux and employer at the butcher's shop.

    FINNEGAN VANBAUNA human male, and hunter for the town. Goes by the nickname, "the green arrow".

    PERRIWINKLE CLOUDSINGERA gnome female, and priestess to Sivanah.

    MAYOR HARGROVE WHAMFORA human male, and Mayor of Tyrmere's Hollow.

    LADY BRIARHILLA halfling female, and owner of the Summer Wine Tavern.

    RUTHERFORDA halfling male, and server at the Summer Wine.

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  • 31st of Kuthona - 1st of Abadius - The new year begins with an ill omen that has the most of the town looking over their shoulders and jumping at shadows. Rumors about that the Beast of the Hollow, not seen for three months, was heard flying over the town.

    5th of Kuthona - The goblins have been driven back into Wrenfall woods, but they are not entirely defeated. Their attack on Tyrmere has left openings in the town guard. (Please contact a moderator if you are interested in becoming a guard for Tyrmere's Hollow)

    27th of Neth - The shrine to Sivanah has been dedicated successfully. Illusion magic is stronger in the town for the next few days. Talk has turned to the big friendly, if not scary, giant living outside town.

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