"Welcome to the Hell House! Based in an English style manor, escorts can be hired for anything from a hired date to the most sinful of desires. While to many it appears as any other upscale escort service, the workers are more than just hellishly charming humans. All have made a pact with a certain demon, allowing the evil to live within them, while they gain all the allure of sin."

  • 1. No underage characters. Gotta be 18+.
  • 2. Unless you have talked with an owner or mod about employment, your character does not work at the Hell House.
  • 3. No blank profiles! There must be a picture and a few sentences at least.
  • 4. Please don’t just come in to lurk. If you’re going AFK, say so.
  • 5. Extreme kinks (gore, scat, vore, ect) must be taken into PMs. We want to keep everyone feeling comfortable in the room. Unsure? Ask a mod.
  • 6. Consent is sexy. Very sexy! In fact, we think it’s so sexy that all kinky activities taking place in the Hell House must have it.
  • 7. If you come into our room, our canon trumps your canon. That is not to say your character has to be from our world or that you can’t bring in other stories. This is simply stating that if your character is the embodiment of sin in their universe, that doesn’t mean they are in this universe unless it’s cleared up with the owner. If you want to bring in such a character, then it means they came in from another reality. This is just to keep things running smoothly.
  • 8. Please don’t get violent. As in, don’t fight each other. If you must fight, take it elsewhere.

9. Don’t bring your OOC drama llamas in here.

  1. 1. Your character must be a human, demon, or cambion. The demon that possesses a human may be any sort of demon, though only one of each sin may exist. Also, we'd like to keep the deadly sins as humans that are possessed.
  3. 2. Your character must be at least of legal age, which is 18.
  5. 3. A demon can give human characters supernatural powers. Most hosts of demons gain telepathy and the ability to mildly charm people. Other powers are fine, but please check with Envious Levi to make sure it’s not over powered.
  7. 4. Your character doesn’t have to be an escort to work there. They can be security, housekeeping, a gardener, ect. 


5. If you're going to make a sin, please PM a mod first to make sure the one you want isn't taken.

  2. 6. Got a question? A mod!