In the latest news... A number of fresh Gear carcasses have been sighted scattered about the land.. A few locals talk about the mysterious "Badguy" and his contributions towards keeping us safe.. In other news... King Ky has come forth with a statement about our society..


What is GuILtY GeAr?

An anime-styled fighting game series dating back to May of 1998 where the first installment of the series was released; Guily Gear. The game's concept, character design, story/lore and music is made up by our god Daisuke Ishiwatari. Don't be fooled this group is a dictatorship. There's also an event that happened and forced everyone to give up modern technology. In place of losing modern tech, everyone learned how to magic and to live the lives we've always dreamed of. Furthermore, some select people with big brains thought it'd be cool to use magic to advance human development thus creating Gears. This shit was amazing, but then the project got defunded for moral reasons or something and got shut down. Oh that wasn't before some not-so-successful gears were made. *cough* America secretly decided to continue the development, but to make them into weapon-weapons and managed to make Justice. Justice was not only the first perfect Gear, but she was INTELLIGENT. So you know where this goes right? Yeah, rebellion and fucking up everyone's day. Justice mind controlled all the Gears and destroyed Japan and called forth the 100 year battle called the Crusades. Everything gets crazier from here.

The Backyard

A world separate from our own that somehow governs the creation of all material things. Hidden behind its gates are the eternal truths of good and of evil; of creation and of destruction; of chaos the likes of which mankind has never seen. In a time long past a philosopher entered this other realm. He returned and through shuddering breaths he spoke, "No evil should touch this place." This philosopher sealed all that the Backyard was into a single tome. His hope was that mankind would never stumble upon its power. It is composed of extremely dense information, and any normal human being that comes in contact with it will die almost instantly, crushed by the sudden explosion of data.

Perhaps it is easiest to imagine the Backyard as a programming language, and the universe in which we live as the software. On its own, the language has no shape or form: It simply represents what is possible and offers the tools to make that possibility reality. Another even simpler example might be words and letters: An individual letter is only an abstraction. It is only when combined with other letters that it "becomes" something that humans can understand. In this example, our universe would be represented by words.

What people call sorcery or magic is in fact a materialization of the pure natural energy of the Backyard. Most people cannot even begin to understand the principles at work, with the exception of a few elite scientists. The most gifted magical researchers have some idea of the Backyard's existence, though none have successfully proven it. Those with the greatest degree of knowledge would be That Man, Dr. Paradigm, and Izuna..

Since being sealed the path to the Backyard was forever barred and peace had blessed the world. But what followed the ancient sage could never have predicted— for evil came not from a human who discovered the book, but from inside the Backyard itself.


Group Rules

? "Don't be a shitter I guess."

? "Use common sense."