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POkemon: Across the Regions

Welcome to the magnificent world of Pokemon! Pokemon are creatures that fill hearts with wonder, and fill the minds of every child with thoughts of adventure and battle beside these wonderous creatures. Some pokemon serve as companions. Some are partners in battle, and others are used as assistants and helpers around the many regions. This group is dedicated to the stories of Pokemon and People alike on their many endevoirs ACROSS THE REGIONS!

Pokemon: Across the Regions strives to be a tight knit and open community for all things Pokemon! Join our Discord to keep in touch with us! https://discord.gg/5n75dx8



As the name implies, Pokemon: Across the Regions is not contained to one particular region, all are welcome to tell their own stories in differnet regions. However, there are some unique things about this room's canon. Currently, the Pokemon world is facing a new phenomenon. Ginjinka. Gijinka are pokemon/human fusions, come to be as the result of scientific testing. Much of this testing has been held by the infamous Team Rocket. the Gijinka project has been mostly abandoned by Rocket, but many small agencies might still be doing their own research.


As a result of the rampant testing, Many Gijinka struggle to find their place in the new world they have been thrust into. However, the efforts of the Gijinka to be viewed as normal to the public eye have been fairly successful, so many Gijinka might find their ways into society. However, many also like to keep to their own habitats and communities, same as if they were Pokemon.


Gijinka are turning up all over the place, both as a result of testing and due to strange anomalies. Still, life runs as usual for trainers and Pokemon alike!




Here are the accepted Character types!


POKEMON: Pokemon are...well...Pokemon. Charmander, Squirtle and such. Pokemon live on earth alongside the Humans and serve as companions on many occasions!


HUMANS: Self explanatory! Humans come from many walks of life. Some raise pokemon, some do not. Some battle Pokemon in their quests to be the very best, like no-one ever was!


GIJINKA:  Human/Pokemon hybrids brought forth as a result of scientific research. As mentioned, Gijinka either keep to themselves in the wild, or live amongst humans in society, using their Pokemon skills to assist in everyday life.


  1. Please be sure to keep it respectful and kind in the room! Don't be a jerk. We will be watching........
  2. Please keep Smut in...Y'know...PMs.
  3. Current Moderators Include: Mullan and Wigglytuff. Ping them for any question, concens, etc.
  4. Legendary Pokemon Gijinka are welcome and acceptable, but please keep in mind you can't be invincible. Godmodding is a bannable offense.
  5. This page is a BIG WIP. So please be patient, but have fun anyways!