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 - RECRUITING: recruiting new guild members. Ask senior members to apply and receive quests (RP maps/ stories)

 - Lord Kobayashi Makoto: wanted dead or alve [1 lvl]

- Giant Spiders coming from village well, people vanishing [2/3 lvl]

- The Dream Vault - find the dreamer to access the vault of The Purple King [1/2 lvl, special]

- Arch Wizard of neighboring Gomeyer needs help recovering his ring from his... sink?[1 lvl]

- Slimes. Always slimes troubling local homesteads [1/2 lvl]

 - Help requested in uncovering secrets of ancient temple, long-dead god of knowledge [3 lvl]

- Mayor of town three days out is being haunted [2 lvl]

- Militia need help shutting down source of local deadly drug production [2/3 lvl]

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Adventurer's Inn

Great adventurers need a place to stop and rest their feet, the mediocre ones, too. The Adventurer's Inn, while open to the public (though like a biker's bar it tends to show it's preference for it's guild members) is the home base of the Adventurer's Guild and is a place for Adventurers of sort to get together to make new acquantences, recruit parties, relax with a drink, or find themselves a quest within the convenience of Five Points Crossing, a small city(or large town however you look at it), and all the resources the town provides.


1) Need a profile - profiles need at least some small description of your character and, not required, but suggested to have a photo. You don't need any coding, but stick around a bit and maybe someone'll help you with that. Profile needs to be for a character, not a character hub or a profile of the typist
2)This is a fantasy/medieval setting so characters must fit as such. I'm not setting something like a specific DnD character builder set up, just don't be worldbreaking. No landing spaceships or having someone with cybernetic arms showing up. If you have questions about whether it's okay, ask. Any owner's should be moe than willing to help with that.
3) I see no God up here, but me! - So, no godmodding. No characters that "definietely aren't OP, but there's no way like anyone else RPing here could take them unless it was a specific rule and set up that would never fucking happen". Not doing some weird point system, but balance. Balanced characters. Nothing that'd really just break any story going on when they charge in and just throw everyone around.

Guild Info

Start listing page info and area stuff like town and guild resources

Guild Resources:

Bar - the main part of the buildings first floor is the tavern with fireplace, seating , tables, and a bar where you can roder drink and food. Food and drink are not free, but heavily discounted for guild members, moreso the higher ranked you are.

Inn - beds upstairs in a common space can be rented for a low fair for those only staying so long between adventures, or more private rooms for a higher rate.

Stables - located out the side door or from the street.

Training courtyard - out by the stables is a simple dirt courtyard that can be used for training, though better areas for it exist less conveniently located.
VIP area - an upstairs area overlooking the tavern hall. It provides private seating and dining space for higher ranked members to rest away from the bustle or converse away from prying ears

Library/Admin - A small library for use exists, though the town’s library at the Academy is much more expansive. Administration keeps documentation, records, etc. in their filings and will process most paperwork for such and handle matters such as claims from multi-guild memberships if it falls within their jurisdiction. Filing also manages pay and taxing of quest rewards for the members

Quest Board - board that contains all the requests, adventures, bounties, party member search, etc. Anyone can post a claim on the board and appropriate members can accept them. Check left side of page.


1) Guildmaster - No one's really met him. Maybe the barkeep or the head admin know him, but they won't talk.
2) Master - Higher ranking. VIP priviledges, if you will. They've been with us for a while and have been around the block. Being good at what you do doesn't make you a master, and neither does time, but a combination of both and then some.

3) Standard Member - most people members are here and considered full members at this point. They get access to most standard guild benefits, and are allowed to go on most quests without supervision, depending on the quest and if they bring a party.

4)Greenhorns - Brand new. DO NOT LET WANDER OFF ALONE. Mortality rate is way too high for that and our insurance only covers so much.

Guild Members


Rogue - minor enchanter - dual wieldig short swords and knives.
Helps with clerk and admin duties since temple studies have trained her to stare at boring pieces of paper for a long time and she's bad at telling the boss no. She's more or less willing to answer questions or help out around the place when she's there or will feel too awkward to say no if you ask her anyway.


Rogue, Archer - Master
(Maybe I'll let him fill this in)



Other Members

Ashmana - Cleric, Healer - Master Saffron - Fae Healer- Member Name - class - stat
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Town Residents, and Others

Bay - Mortician Sister Sorrel - temple nun Berrius Sangar - Town Guard Name - class
Name - class Name - class Name - class Name - class
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Location Guide

Adventurer's Inn

The first of the entrances are through the front doors into the tavern, a floor full of benches and chairs around tables, soft cushioned seating around the hearths to keep the place lit and warm, and a modest bar near the kitchen supplying the meals - nothing fancy sincei t was still just an inn. The stairs leading up to the half floor revealed more seating, but the area was blocked off for the privacy fo the VIP area, the other stais leading up to the rooms for rent above. The second entrance comes from the yard, a simple dirt yard connected to the stables and the kitchen entrance where supplies were delivered. The yard was used by some for more experienced members to help train newer ones.
The Inn is one of the largest buildings in town, on the edge of a residential district, next to an Artisan Ward, down the street from the market square.

Five Points Crossing

This is the town. The town isn't quite as big as most cities, but no small village either. It serves as the crossroads between five major cities and on a riverbank, making it a hub for trade to fill the grand marketplace with the vibrant silk sails and tent and, with that, Adventurer requests. The town is equipped with it's own library as an extention of their Magisteria University, but it is not much in comparison to the Grande Academi of the Magesteria in the capital. Artian wards leave ample selection for weapons, armors, clothing, equipment, and what they can't provide might be found among the travelin merchants making their stop through town. Of course, a couple bath houses provide a luxury not attributed to smaller towns. The woods around the town, while not the most amply filled with danger, provide a hunting ground for eager young adventurers.