Modern day Las Vegas, A bright city, with shining stars and dark corners. A glittering city on the surface, but with hidden secrets under that shiny facade. Some don't mind seeing the ugly under the glitter, but others may not want to see what happens in the darken corners and alleys. 

Sinister Pleasure: A Brothele out side of Las Vegas that Rhys Evans owns and runs. Also an Escort Service. 

Dante's: A Club in the New Underworld Casino. Underworld is a more gothic, supernatural themed Casino and Hotel. No one knows who the owner is, but Rhys often uses this new hotel for his Brothel and escort Services. Since the hotel doesn't allow anyone under 21 beyond their doors. 








1)Semi-Supernatural, Think of the movie ‘Push’ or ‘Jumper’ That was put out a few years ago. Basically powers are allowed but need to be approved.


2) Everything is allowed so long as the typists agree.


3) Light petting/making out is allowed in the room, but when things get hot and heavy please move to PM


4)The City and the surrounding area is the playground. So because of this, please state if you see another character where you are. Because in these large settings it can be over looked.

Sin City
Semi-supernatural RP
Modern | Las Vegas

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