Since this is the D&D Playgroup, we do play D&D. There's a lot of things you need to read up if you'd like to be on the same page, but you are not required to. We practice "Learn as you play" here, as some of the other players and DMs have done before.

If you do want to read up, please refer to the census of the discord channel instead. Please ask for the link.

If you do not have the time for that at the moment, that's fine. We can help. To get started, you need to create a character first. As mentioned, the group's setting is in Eberron, mainly playing in the continent of Khorvaire. Eberron's Khorvaire is basically medieval steampunk, but replace steam with magic. So amongst the swords, arrows, and the dungeons as well as the dragons, there's technology. Technology here is made possible by magic. So imagine an airship or train powered by bounded elementals, or light bulbs which has the continous light spell casted in it. Feel free to look into the world some more, but if you're completely new, just try to create a basic character idea and we'll help you bridge the gaps. Remember, you're an adventurer. While you can be evil, a smart evil adventurer does not necessarily want to become a murderhobo, they know the importance of having companions for the journey.

The second thing you need is a character sheet, representing how skilled your character is. There is really no easy way to get around this. If this intimidates you, please let us know. We'll help.

Or you can refer to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5agrZAwkS8

In order to proceed, you'll need the basic ruleset for D&D 5e, here's a link. http://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf

While creating a character, you have to keep certain things in mind for this group. Some of these may not make sense to you, and if that happens, please let us know. -If this is your first character in the group, you start as a level 4 character with 1 magic item in the Dungeon Master's Guide table A-D (Starting on page 144).

• If you create a new character after your first one, you start as level 2 without any items instead.

• We use the point buy system to determine our stats. Here's a link: http://chicken-dinner.com/5e/5e-point-buy.html

• You start with 1 free feat for each character.

• Determining HP should be the number of in parenthesis in your class plus your Constitution modifier.

• Determining your starting gold is what you get from your background.

• If there's any gap here, refer to the Adventure League player's handbook or the creation guideline. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fLb4I-PRLr4r6p1-rP4CL2vQD49ZZkkl4-3lisGHU4w/edit#gid=0

Okay, if you got through that. Congratulations. Now how do you make your character stronger? There's two ways. You can roleplay in the room and you'll get 1 experience point for every word. There's a limit for a cap however. For T1(level 1-4) and T2(level 5-10) characters, you can only earn as much as 1000 experience points per day. For T3(11-15) characters, you gain only get 250 experience points. For T4(16-20), you can no longer get experience points this way.
IMPORTANT NOTE: please send one of the DMs a message to confirm your experience points. Send them your roleplay logs, we sometimes use it for adventure ideas too.

The second method is playing the actual game. Again, this is an organized group play. We do not have a strict schedule. Rather, a DM will announce a game with a date and time and you can sign-up if you're available. You send them this format to register:
( Character Name / Class and Level / Game Name / Player Name )

We play in roll20, so you might want to register there.

And now you're set. You can play now. No seriously.. that's it. That's the minimum requirement. Everything else you feel missing, your Dungeon Master will guide you with that.
DMs & Moderators

Dungeon Masters
Mind Flayer

Rules & Regulations

1. You don’t have to like everyone, but we expect you to get along while you’re in our room. Respect and civility go hand in hand.

2. Post length doesn’t matter so much as you put effort into your writing. You’ll find more willing partners if you can consistently type more than three sentences, but quality is more important than quantity here.

3. Mistakes happen. Let’s not try to crucify anyone over the little things. Remember, staff, moderators and dungeon masters are people, too. Except Myco, he’s a bowl of cannibalizing rice.

4. Keep your character art to illustrations only and keep it tasteful. Remember, you’re adventurers, not hookers. If you use a face claim, make sure you’re not just ripping off the original character the art belongs to.

5. It has come to our attention that some of you MIGHT be hookers on the side, and if that’s the case, please keep your sexual conquests out of the main room. Please keep the grab-ass to a minimum.

6. Our minimum standard for profiles are a combinations of the following:
• A picture or b) a paragraph description.
• A paragraph explaining your character.
• And a paragraph detailing their personality.

7. You may not roleplay until you have a character made for the setting. That means you cannot be the only boy Neko Girl High in here. If you need help making a character, reach us out.

8. No god-modding.

9. For fighting, you’ll use your character sheet, your numbers, your dice rolls and a healthy dose of narration between PCs. Excessive combat may result in narrative intervention likely through the use of guards and positions of authority.

10. Anything is up for debate, though staff and mods have the final say. Should you dislike the decision, feel free to open your own Pokemon Gijinka D&D group.

Welcome to New Eberron, a D&D 5e organized play and roleplaying group that uses the Eberron setting as a template for our setting. We are a group that allows Dungeon Masters and Players alike to hold sessions for homebrew one-offs, modules, and hardcovers.

Similar to Wizard of the Coast’s most popular organized play known as Adventure League, we use an organized play rule which allows you to join game sessions with ease. This means you do not have to strictly follow a schedule or group, instead, you can join when a Dungeon Master offers to host a game.

If you are new to D&D or Eberron, you don’t have to worry. This is a homebrew organized play which means plenty of the rules has been tweaked or expanded for easier game experience for our members. Our Dungeon Masters will ensure that you’d be able to learn and play on the go. Alternatively, if you are not interested in playing D&D with the group, you can simply roleplay in the room as you’d like.

For our Dungeon Masters, if you’re not confident with your lore background with Eberron, we have good news for you. The setting is basically a hundred years after the Last War and is an alternate universe. What this means is what you can come up with, we can incorporate it. You are empowered to create a new places or tinker existing ones for your games. You are also allowed to use existing 5e modules or import old modules from other versions. You just have to change the names into something appropriate in Eberron.