1. What does "Alternate Universe" Imply? -- The roleplay takes place in the year 2019 and roughly keeps up with current times though with little emphasis on detail and politics. We recommend just going with the flow.

2. Can I play a witch/warlock, lycan, fae, etc? -- The roleplay only permits vampires and humans. Humans are simply that, human and nothing more. Vampires adhere to a specific stats system. Read more about that on the forum.

3. Can I make a daywalker? -- No. Please see the “vampires” tab on the forum for more information.

4. Can I have play a vampire hunter? -- While we understand the novelty of a vampire hunter, room owners have agreed that this is anti-climatic and not something that would benefit the room.

5. Can my human have a masters degree, be a brain surgeon, an astronaut, a chemical engineer, or an acquitted murderer out on a technicality?  -- The sky's the limit! However we ask to be a little realistic in regards to age and accomplishments. Brain surgeons wouldn’t be 21 years old, for example.

6. Can my vampire be 1000 years old? -- Sure, why not? Though we must clarify that age does not determine power in this roleplay. It might, however, determine experience when it comes to specific stats and learning strengths. A 1000 year old vampire is obviously a little more seasoned than a 20 year old vampire. See management if you need clarification.

7. Can I run a clan? -- See management to discuss.

8. Does this roleplay allow VtM? No, it does not.

 If your question was not answered here, please PM the owner for clarification.