The Elder Scrolls:
The Fifth Age

  • Rules & Approvals

    What goes, and what doesn't...

    First and foremost is the Golden Rule, do unto others as you'd like others do unto you. So, be kind, be helpful. I am not expecting an encyclopediac knowledge of the Kirkbride-ian madness that is the Elder Scrolls deep lore from players. If your knowledge is shallow that's fine, ask questions!

    Next, if a scene is ongoing please keep OOC to a minimum, or feel free to spawn up an OOC sub-room if you can't be involved but do want to chat. I am not going to enforce this heavily on light scenes, so long as it's not getting to be more OOC than IC, but the more folks participating, ideally the less folks OOCing.

    Finally, please please please keep the drama llamas in check.

    As to getting characters approved, first and foremost, no gods. If your character could take on a Daedric Prince and live, then we'll need to talk. Flipside is, you are player characters, you are going to be a cut above the usual riff raff, so you can expect to be pretty damn good at something or other, just not everything. A jack-of-all-trades shouldn't be a master of them too. Characters can hop in, however if someone lets you know that your character is a bit much, please get in touch with a mod/admin to see about where things stand. We reserve the right to ask you to dial things back.

  • A Brief History

    Where we are, and how we got here...

    The year is 5E12.

    The Fourth Age was a short one, lasting from the death of the last Septim Emperors and the Oblivion Crisis until the defeat of Alduin at the hands of the Dovahkiin and her ascension to the Imperial Throne. The assassination of Titus Mede II left a power vacuum in the Empire, where several claimants to the throne stepped up, perhaps most notably Gaius Vilius, a man claiming to be descended from a cadet branch of the Septims that hid during the Oblivion Crisis. This, of course, was all fabricated with the aid of the Thalmor and entirely untrue. But money talks, and he was able to consolidate a strong holding with Aldmer and Bosmer 'Mercenaries' in the South of Cyrodiil.

    Hrada the Red, Dovahkiin and Vanquisher of Alduin was informed of the plot and rallied the pro-Imperial victors of the civil war and began to push back. By then she had found dozens other Dragonborn not unlike herself, many Nord, but also Breton, Nebenean, Redguard, Argonian, Dunmer and Khajit, though none quite had her ease and facility with the Voice, it prove to be a powerful weapon against the Thalmor puppet when the Battle of Kvatch saw their lines literally shouted apart.

    Now styling herself as Juliana Isinius the First, Hrada sits atop the Ruby Throne, overseeing an Empire much diminished from the glorious days of Tiber Septim, for Black Marsh, Hammerfell and High Rock all remain to varying degrees independent from the the Throne, leaving Cyrodiil and Skyrim to hold the line against the Aldmeri Dominion. But, there are whispers amongst the common folk that she is Tiber Septim reborn. Talos made flesh, and there is a sense of unity and fervor growing in the Empire once more.

  • Canon Characters, Weird Races

    To put it bluntly: Not at first.

    If you're a new player to the room you will not be cleared to play a canon character. Come in. Make an original character. Interact with others and let us get a feel for you.

    Be mindful that most canon characters, especially those that are incredibly advantageous are reserved for story telling. At this point, we're over a decade past the end of the events of Skyrim, so some of them may not even be around anymore. Vampires and Werewolves are a maybe, but keep in mind they are seen very poorly by most of polite society. And if you want to play a Daedric Prince, just no. Minor Daedra and Dremora, perhaps but like above, please request prior permission.

  • Mods and Admins

    Or whose word is God.

    We have a solid mod team who runs the place, so you can expect to see us around for most of the time. If you have any questions or concerns, or there is someone being disruptive feel free to PM one of us:
    Suun Vaas
    [No one here yet! ]
    [To be determined!]
    [Just the one for now!]

    As well, the mods run NPC character accounts, so if you see weird insane shit coming from the [List of NPC Accounts], that'd be me/us.