Star Wars:
In the Shadows of Giants

  • Rules & Approvals

    What goes, and what doesn't...

    First and foremost is the Golden Rule, do unto others as you'd like others do unto you. So, be kind, be helpful. I am not expecting an encyclopediac knowledge of the Star Wars EU, because that is insane. If your knowledge is shallow that's fine, ask questions!

    Next, if a scene is ongoing please keep OOC to a minimum, or feel free to spawn up an OOC sub-room if you can't be involved but do want to chat. I am not going to enforce this heavily on light scenes, so long as it's not getting to be more OOC than IC, but the more folks participating, ideally the less folks OOCing.


    We reserve the right to remove anyone who is being belligerent, or whose character concepts are too built around aping real world bigotry. "BuT it'S wHaT MUh cHAraCtER woULd do!!!" will not cut it. 

    Finally, please please please keep the drama llamas in check.

    In terms of the themes and tone, the intent is small folks striking above their weight. Smugglers, bounty hunters, operatives. The folks whose lives, and deaths, may alter history with their actions. May. 

  • A Brief History

    Where we are, and how we got here...

    The Empire is dead, or least dying hard and has been for near enough to eight years that it's obvious to all that it is Not Coming Back. The New Republic is scrambling it's way out of the ashes. Warlords, former Moffs and officers alike, run about the Outer Rim, where law and order are precious commodities, rare and hard to find. Opportunities, especially for those with a flexible moral outlook, are plentiful however. 


    This will take place on the frontier worlds, yes, but as well in the bright neon poverty of Coruscant's lower levels, or the favelas and pollution choked megabuildings Nar Shadaa. Because Star Wars is totally capable of being a good Cyberpunk story. Fight me.

  • Canon Characters, Weird Races

    What to expect

    If you're a new player to the room you will have to request to play a canon character, and if you ever do want to go for someone canon, be aware that we are not going to be taking in powerful Jedi or heads of State etc, simply because these are not the stories this room is for. Come in. Original Characters that fall into this power band should be fine. Interact with others and let us get a feel for you.


    As to getting characters approved, first and foremost, no god like folks. If your character could take on a whole Imperial Star Destroyer on their own and live, then gonna have to say no. Flipside is, you are player characters, you are going to be a cut above the usual riff raff, so you can expect to be pretty damn good at something or other, just not everything. A jack-of-all-trades shouldn't be a master of them too. Characters can hop in, however if someone lets you know that your character is a bit much, please get in touch with a mod/admin to see about where things stand. We reserve the right to ask you to dial things back.

    Particularly weird races, give us a heads up. It's probably fine, but just reserving the right to nix things in case they are outside the scope of the RP. We, the management, reserve the right to ask folks who are too powerful, or too out of scope for the setting, to come back with a new character.

  • Mods and Admins

    Or whose word is God.

    We hope have a solid mod team who runs the place, so you can expect to see us around for most of the time. In the meantime, it's just me, Alae.  If you have any questions or concerns, or there is someone being disruptive feel free to PM one of us:
    Alae-Laen Aiditrae
    [No one here yet! ]
    [To be determined!]
    [Just the one for now!]

    As well, the mods run NPC character accounts, so if you see weird insane shit coming from the a mod account, that'd be me/us.