1] Girl characters only. This does not include shemale, futanari, dickgirl, trans, etc.
    No one cares what gender you are in real life. Males playing females are fine.
    This is not a lesbian-only room. All sexualities are welcome.

2] Don't disrupt the room. If you have a problem with someone then deal with it in private.
    Moderators are here to deal with spammers and other nuisances. They aren't your therapist.

3] The owner and moderators adhere to the same rules. Treat them as you would anybody else.
    If you notice any power abuse or clique behavior then screenshot it and they will be dealt with.

4] This is not a smut only room. You can RP whatever you want!

5] No underage characters. Further content restrictions will be added as needed.
    These fetish rules are dictated by room consensus. If you want something banned then contact the owner.

6] Profile rules are otherwise limited. Having a picture and being female is the only requirement.
    You don't need to have any text, stats, rules or fancy code.
    Meme, joke, are troll names are fine but can get annoying.

7] No one gets preferential treatment. This is a shared space. Some want to talk, some want to RP. 
    In character people have just as much right to speak as those that are out of character.
    If you can't RP while people are talking (or shit-posting) then take your RP to private.
    If you can't have a discussion while talking are roleplaying then take it to private. Easy!

8] Moderation is used only when needed. The order of operations is: talk > kick > ban.
    Bans can be overturned on request unless you are a known repeat offender.
    Users can point out the rules in public so long as a polite tone is used.

9] The setting is a country-sized estate that belongs to Frida; the room owner and business tycoon turned mafioso.
    It has everything. If you can think of it then it exists. The Ladies Club is an all-encompassing land of luxury. 
    Gambling halls, swimming pools, golf courses, drug dens, movie theaters, natural springs, shooting ranges...