Shiketsu High BNHA
So where do we begin . . .

(Work in progress)


You will be given one warning if you break any of these rules. If you persist, you will be kicked for a certain amount of time. If you cause too much problems, such as continuous rule breaking, constant drama, wailing about your RL, personal life for attention, you will be banned.

Because we aren't certain what city Shiketsu High is located in the anime, we will simply say it is located in Osaka

Basic Rules

1. Respect owners and Moderators. If you think a moderator isn't doing their job or is being unfair, screenshot proof and talk to an Admin.

2. Take your drama into Pms. If you have beef with someone, resolve it maturely in pms or simply block them. 

3. I don't care how fancy your profile looks. Give us that juicy, informative stuff. Description of your character, history, ect.

4. This room isn't a nsfw sex room. While romance, and suggestive themes are allowed, take the hawt stuff to pms. Going along with this, gore, blood, and brutal fights are allowed.

5. Don't chat in the main room.




1. We want our group to be centered around original characters for this UA universe. That way, it is not limited to the main storyline, and we can craft the story the way we choose with our characters.


That being said, there can be canon characters, but only ONE canon character at a time. There can be only one Deku Midoria, and so on.


If someone with a canon becomes inactive for two weeks somone else can take their place.

If you plan on coming back to RP since life hit your face, you can let an admin know and the spot can be reserved for longer.

You must be approved to take the spot of the canons. Your profile can't be a half-assed copy of wikipedia, or barely retain any sort of information.

So yea, come in and play, but these are not the adventures of Deku and the gang.

Quirk Rules

You may only have up to 2 quirks on 1 charcteR. All Quirks need to be approved before you can fight with your character.

Fighting Rules

1.  No Godmodding..

2. No auto hitting.

Those are the two most basic rules. Unless, you have a fight planned and you want to be auto hit, or godmodded.

Pretty much up to you what you want to do. If any problems arise in a fight and you need another opinion, you can ask an admin or mod to help you.



We will usually have an ooc room up. If there isn't, it means that we have not made it a perma room, and the admins/mods are offline  and cannot set one up.

Rules are simple. Don't rp in the ooc room, and don't be an ass. Talk, chat. Do the things meant for the Ooc room.


— Text text text and rules regaring OOC preferences.

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