Welcome to Nudist Paradise! A small resort located by a lake. This is a safe little lakeside paradise where young girls can get together and compare or even explore each others bodies. Older women are also welcome. Activities include swimming, campfire cookouts, various outdoor games, and indoor game room for those unpleasant days. Inside the resort's lobby is a collection of comfortable couches and chairs for people to sit in.
Resort Mascots: Kikira
RULE #1: No clothes allowed. This is a nudist resort, afterall.
RULE #2: No men.  Don't ask.  This rule is not flexible.  Nor do we want to be PM'd about it being unfair for girls with extras being allowed.  They are here because they were approved by management.
RULE #3: No shaming of any kind will be permitted.  We're here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.  This is a place where everybody should feel welcome.  If you have an issue with a character in some way or another please PM the typist and explain what your problem or preference is without being rude.  Again, first offense will be a kick and further offenses may result in a temp or permanent ban, depending on command decisions.
RULE #4: Remember, this is a place to have fun first, so don't be a dick. It might be fun for you, but it isn't fun for anyone else.
RULE #5: Please have a profile. Even a basic profile with just a name, age, and gender will work. We ask this in order to avoid any issues later down the road.
RULE #6: Our Mascot Kiki is NOT for lewding.
Note: If you feel you have a problem please PM an Owner or Mod about it.  We will listen and try to help out.