Welcome to the Silver Pelt! Nestled in a forest between two large oak trees is a small tavern. Come in and grab a drink or chill by the fire. Rules: NO OP OR DEATH. No fighting unless allowed by the owner. Any issues or questions? PM the owner. Any questions or concerns MUST be taken to Suibhne. It’s the night time and still winter outside. Fresh snow on the ground. And if I dont say WELCOME when you come in my apologies ...WELCOME!! Just post and I will be right with you. Anyone is welcomed inside here. We dont have many rules just to be nice, No fighting and if you want to smut then take it to PM. Simple. We do not have a theme just come in and enjoy yourself. If your an asshole you get only two warnings before your banned. 


SUiBHNE (owner)

Olivia Wyntir (Owner)


This small cabin was originally owned by Olivia's best friend and husband until one day she decided to sell. After selling it she disappeared and was never to be heard from again. She will be truly missed. With the expanding the tavern to making it better over the years the new owners Olivia and Sui took great care of it. Friendship, marriage and even heartbreak walk through these floors. But we are all family here and try our best to make you as comfortable as possible.



Right now I made  this wonderful tavern into something else to look foward to. I made a Ski resort in the back of Silver pelt tavern with suite size cabins with a Jaccuzi and walk in closets, you will have a open plan floor and can choose from a one to four bedrooms here. The cabins have a huge fire place. All bathrooms have full which means it comes with a shower and tub except the master bedroom which comes with a jaccuzi size tub and a shower with a seat. Your cabin will also come with a bar and sitting area. The price for staying there is free. This place will have a hiking trail and a slope for you to ski with your family or honey. It is in the makings to be done soon. Just think of this place to be a second honey moon or have a honey moon at. It's so beautiful you wouldn't want to leave. So dont miss out on a chance to be at the most beautiful place in the world. We would love to have you.  Silver Pelt Ski Resort  Just ask to stay in the cabins and we will gladly help you out!!