WIP. You'll have to settle with text descriptions until I get around to making it pretty. 

A rather large, forested park in the middle of a bustling metropolis. The park features a basketball court, a tennis court, a fountain in the center of the park, and a small, man made lake that is kept sparkling clean for people to fish, swim, or relax and feed the ducks next to. Be aware that there is a strict catch and release rule on fishing. The park, once intended to be sold and dozed for a corporation, Hakuzo purchased it for himself and now privately owns the park, paying for all maintenance required to maintain it out of pocket. On one corner of the park, close to the main parking lot, Hakuzo built a small home for him and his wife-to-be, Melody. All are welcome in the park - however, anyone who enters the fenced in area around their home uninvited will find themselves on a one way trip - either to the morgue, or to the police station. It depends on Haku's disposition. The park, however, is not the limitation of the area available - after all, there is a city surrounding it. Nearby, just across the street from the park in all directions, there are plenty of places to hang out, grab a bite, or relax - a library, a skating rink, the park is truly very well located for those looking to have a good time, or who just want to relax.