Star Wars RP Planet Naboo

Welcome to Naboo

Naboo is a fully non-canon roleplay set in an alternate Star Wars universe. In this RP we do not use canon characters and events and focus on personal creativity over what has already come before.


Upon entering our roleplay, please read this group page, our rules and if you like, the entire main site and then ask a mod for help. We are more than happy to help you.


You can find our main site here and our Discord server for OOC, requests and contact with the mods here  




A roleplay profile is a must,even if it as simple as a photo and basic information about your character. We need to know about your character before we can approve you to play.


You MUST have your character approved by either DMing a mod or asking on this Discord channel


Moderators word is LAW. Do not argue with them when a final decision has been made. They will give you chance to discuss things but please do not argue with them once ananswer has been reached.


OOC is to remain minimal in room please! There is why we have Discord.


Please refrain from being IC constantly when speaking OOC, yes it is fun to channel your character, but we want to know the real you. Naboo is a 20 year old RP and through meeting in it, there have been lifelong friendships made, even RL marriages in the case of Dee and Sage. Let us get to know YOU.


You won't walk into the room and be instantly feared/famous/fawned over. This can take time to establish IRP, be creative and see if you can make it happen.


There is swearing and 18+ themes.  If this offends you, I am sorry but it is just the way it is.  


If in doubt about an item/ship/character enhancement REQUEST it. We are happy to discuss things.


DO read the site it will give you insight and understanding of this decades old RP. Familiar yourself with all our rules, here for RP rules and here for combat.


RESPECT is a must. Respect for mods, for other rpers, for yourself. Please do not make us remind you, this should be the most simple rule to remember.


The room is non open smut room and a non kill zone unless you and your victim log a copy of an agreement to the mods, that we we avoid dramas. Most of all, please just have fun.



  1. The Empire and Republic do not exist. Not in the sense of the movies anyway. Our Sith Empire is no more than 5 planets run by a council of Sith.
  2. Jedi can be in relationships after reaching KNIGHT level, though the must endevour to adhere to the code. This means if their relationship was to conflict with their teaching, the order MUST come first.
  3. There are NO Solo's, Skywalkers, Organa's or Kenobi's. There are also no Akbar's and any other canon character you can think of. We like to focus on the personal creativity of our players and not rehash something we already know and love.  There are also no Wolverine's, Gamora's, Danerys, John Snow's, Batman's or Supermans.  This is Star Wars, keep it that way.  Want to take inspiration from a character fine, but do not knock it off directly, be bloody creative. 
  4. Also, whilst inspiration is good. DO not make a COPY of a canon character with an OC name and face.
  5. Canon planets exist. So do non canon. Same with races. Do not assume control over any without mod approval. Someone might already have the planet you want so please request. Alderaan is not blowed up here.