UA High - My Hero Academia

UA High is a My Hero Academia based roleplay with both cannon characters and OCs. We are an equal opportunity group and only serve to make a fun, safe environment to show love and appreciation for the show we love so much. All are welcome here but, please, do follow the rules so we don't have to have any unfavorable situations!

You can find our class roster here




Room Rules

  • 1. OC's and doubles of canon characters are welcome!

  • 2. Be polite. Don’t be toxic.


  • 3. Romantic relationships are permitted. If someone is in a relationship please respect that.


  • 4. Because of relationships between characters we will permit some PDA and romantic RP. Keep it PG-15.Take all sexual actions, nudity, and porn to private messages.

  • 5. Swearing is permitted.


  • 6. The Room Owners will make periodic "Idle Checks" every so often. To ensure that any new incomers don't feel un-welcomed by inactive characters and that people who want to rp will know who is active. If you are kicked because of an Idle Check, please don’t be insulted, we just want to ensure that UA High is a fun place for all.


  • 7. Having a profile is encouraged. At least a base explanation of your characters quirk on your profile. We understand that many people are new to the site or have just made a new character, just understand that people might refuse to roleplay with you, and we cannot control that.

  • 8. Only one quirk per character. A quirk can have many different benefits or abilities but if two abilities seem too different, you will be asked to either remove or to change it. The only exceptions are One for All or All for One. It is up to the Moderators and ultimately the Room Owners if two abilities are too different.

  • 9. NO SLURS! Racial, Sexual Orientational or other slurs are a hard no. This will be an immediate ban. No acceptions.


  • 10. If you have a complaint against someone or have an issue with a quirk, please tell the Moderators or Room Owners, and we will take care of it. Don’t confront the person in PM or start trouble in chat.


  • 11. The owners will Stat check all profiles. After we check your profile put in your Profile write "Stat Checked By:" and the name of the Room Owner who stat checked you. PM us if you haven’t been stat checked.


  • 12. So we don’t flood the chat, PLEASE try to limit posts to 200 or so words per post. It’s not required but please be aware that some people won’t join the rp if everyone is posting book chapters and taking so long to post. No penalties will be issued but we just ask that you are aware that it could be a problem.


  • 13. Because of long posts, it takes a while for people to respond, and so many people rping. If you are not rping or not actively responding, take OOC to the UA High OOC chat or PM’s so it doesn’t hinder rp if there is a group trying to do so. Rules 12 & 13 are just trial rules so it’s possible both rules will be deleted later on.

Fight Rules

1. All official fights have to be supervised by either a Moderator or the Room Owner


2. All fights are turned based.


3. Challenger goes first.


4. No god modding, no one shots, no auto hits, you need to have your win in at least two turns.


5. Blocking is great but make sure you aren’t dodging and blocking everything. Let your opponent land some hits and vise versa. Worse comes to worse if people argue we will roll a dice to see who wins and who loses. Then rp to that end. Unless it’s a tournament then the Mod or Owner will choose who did the best in the fight.


6. Be courteous. Don't be a douche roleplayer.


7. If the supervising Moderator or Room Owner sees something they dont like, they will say so and you have to either A) try again or B) if it happens several times you automatically forfeit


8. If you have to leave suddenly, you automatically forfeit. It would be appreciated if you could post one last time about exiting but if not, it's up to the Supervisor to decide how you ran away.



Failure to follow any of the preceding rules will result in a warning or possibly a ban, depending on the Room Owner or Moderator's discretion.


If a Moderator bans you, you are allowed to appeal to a Room Owner, upon which they will discuss with the other Room Owners to vote to remove your ban.



Homecoming is going to be on August 26th at 7pm CST






A list of special Tournament Rules can be found here.


Current Stats:


7/15/2018 (Deku's Birthday Tournament)


1v1 12:30am (CST) Student Bracket:

1st Place: Aiko Bakugou-Midoriya

2nd Place: Jermaine Wilson

3rd Place: Mary Sue



2v2 8:00pm (CST) Bracket:

1st Place: Tyler Nobel and Joules Nobel

2nd Place: Incorrigible and Fumikage Tokoyami

3rd Place: N/A


Official Dances:

Homecoming: (8/26/2018)

Official Rules: Here.

Homecoming King: Jermaine Wilson

Homecoming Queen: Mary Sue




Whenever roleplaying happens in the room, especially when one or more Room Owners are the room, all rp transcripts are saved to a google document that can be shared in a link upon request. The purpose for the transcript is to save memories, go back and review what has been said and to, maybe one day, become a fanfiction. If you dont want to be apart of the potential fanfiction, thats fine. Just let one of the Room Owners know.



 Any Questions or Issues PM Eijiro Kirishima