yThe Devils Deny












City/location: Philadelphia, P.A. 












Front and center!







Owner: Liam

Cook: Silver

Bouncer: Sam

Hotel manager: -none yet-

Bartender: -none yet- 

Waiter/waitress: -none yet- 
Host: -none yet-

 Inn Keeper: Alena

Casino manager: 





-Positions open. Walk in to apply. Adds in newspaper and on random flyers posted throughout the city.-


Come inside to get a drink or room key. The front of the bar is also the hotel check in. Diner and strip club have no active members yet (NPC driven). 





 The Order of the Exorcists:


An organization created in Roman times to investiage abnormal and unexplainable deaths. Slowly, they grew to become more than just a group, but a force to be reckoned with. With the aid of some of the supernatural beasts that they had track down, The Order of the Exorcists grew to know how to fight off the demons and monsters they were investigating. Primarily trained (in the begining) by angels or ethereal beings, they now pass down this knowledge to the new members in hopes to make the order grow and once more be a force that makes the things that go bump in the night go running for cover. 


Currently a branch of the Order, the Exorcists for short, resides within the city of Philadelphia hidden under the guise of randomly chosen police officers. 


The Oder of the Exorcisits investigate, judge, track, and execute beings of the non-human varity to ensure the safety of the people. 

















The devil has come to Philly and plans on a slow takeover. World domination? More like world damnation... 


As Liam builds his empire he has a group of friends and alliances starting, but some know of what he truly is while others are fooled by his lies and charms and think him a normal business man. As each day passes, a new step to his plan is perfectly executed.


Are you a member of the Exorcists?

Are you a wanderer just passing through?


Are you a mobster/gangster/or devil looking for a territory war?


Are you a werewolf on the prowl or a vampire looking for a new victim?


Perhaps you’ve come for a place to rest and to ask for information on the job offers you’ve seen posted across the city.


Mabye you just want to make a deal with the Devil...




No matter the reason, you’re here now.


Why not sit down for a tick and take a load off? In this world, the quiet days are numbers and while you pass through quietly or hunt the monsters that live in the dark, the Devil will be building his Hell on Earth.






We have an ooc:  Devil's ooc   

Feel free to jump in and ask questions or just chat it up. 










1 - Don't be an asshat. 


2 - No godmodding or metagaming. Your character cannot kill without consent, cannot control other characters, and cannot know every little detail of every character’s life without properly RPing with them (I think it’s silly that I even have to list that). I don’t care if you fart rainbows and claim to be able to kill God, himself. You can’t in this room. Get over it.


3 – Be realistic, people. This Rp is built around the average human having NO idea that magic, angels, demons, ect. exists.  


4 – No Drama.


5 – You are free to come and go as you please. If you can work it in, try to make a post that has your character untie themselves from other players, so it doesn’t cause a stalemate.

This means:  If you are talking to vampyface3000 and you need to leave, if you don’t make an exit post ending the talk for another time, I’ll NPC you somewhere so that you can enter with ease and other players can join in as well.


6 – Go ahead and assume that if you break one of these rules that I’ll hit you with a banhammer and then kill your character in the RP.


7 – I will randomly make posts that will have an affect on EVERY player. 








 More Information on surrounding buildings:





STRIP CLUB NAME:  Sinful Whispers

Located to the left of The Devil's Den (when looking head on at the buildings)





DINER NAME: Blue Comet Diner

Located to the right of The Devil's Den.





HOTEL NAME: Paradise (casino styled hotel) Casino is around the back with the pool area.

Located behind The Devil's Den.