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Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Ragnarok Online! Take part in a mystic adventure spawning over the vast reaches of Rune Midgard! Here, you'll find romance, drama, comedy, and tons of experiences that will leave you in awe! Whether you're a fan of a few Porings, collector of snazzy hats, or a hellbent warrior with an itchy sword hand, we have a place for you!


The Ragnarok Online RP group is based around, well, Ragnarok Online, of course! Ragnarok Online is a korean MMO that has been out for several years with quite a formidable fan base behind it. Here at the Ragnarok Online Roleplay Group, we strive to build a place for those to write and interact with others. The group itself is fairly new, and the major plot is currently being worked on. However, do not let that sway you from joining our room and participating in roleplay! If you're familiar with the Ragnarok universe, then feel free to interact with others and build your own unique story in the process! All RP does NOT have to be towards the major plot. In fact, as your main owner, I highly recommend spicing things up every once in awhile. You want a comical experience? Then, by all means go for it!


...Just keep the dancers away from me.


- Hiro





Rules and Guidelines
 General Rules


WORD CENSORSHIP: Cursing is permitted. Of course it's best not overdone. If you are caught excessively swearing you will be warned. If you do not improve in language than you will receive punishment. As a part of the community, be conscious of who you're around. Some people may be more sensitive about things than others and can be set off.

DISCRIMINATION: Sexism & racism along with other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. It's one thing to be joking but if you're a serious sexist, racist, etc. Then you will be banned from the site. It, technically, is a joking matter but will not but overlooked.

TOLERANCE: We are a group of people here, we don't expect everyone to get a long but we do expect people to tolerate each other. Be mature around one another, if you feel like you can't tolerate someone use the ignore function. 

BE FRIENDLY: Don't be rude to someone in chat, treat others as you'd want to be treated. Welcome new commers into the room and group.

HUMOR: We enjoy to fool around, don't take things to the heart. Enjoy yourself and feel at home. If you feel you are being personally attacked let the person know you don't appreciate it.

2-Strike Policy: An offence will get a warning, a kick will be the second and final warning. If it continues after that, a ban fitting the level of offence shall be given.




No announcements as of yet.


Story Plot   

The major story for RO will be the rise of Satan Morroc. After 1000 years of slumber, Satan Morroc has awaken to spread chaos and destruction across the realm. With the world in peril, it is up to you, the adventure, to save Rune Midgard from the clutches of evil. However, there are many wicked and powerful enemies roaming this land, each one with their own intent for gaining power. Will you choose to protect this world from devastation? Or will you sway towards the darkness of hell and bring the world down in flames?  



Group Bonding

If you're interested with interacting with the members outside of RPH, we will be discussing servers to play on eventually.





Contact and Credit


Main owner of the group is Hiro,  this doesn't mean I am the only one that can assist you. There is a team of moderators that can help you.


                                                     [email protected]


Layout & HTML credit: Eris/Angelica

Plot & story line credit: Hiro.