Shin Megami Tensei


Hello and welcome. The group is open to all and any of the Shin Megami Tensei series. OCs are also wholeheartedly welcomed as well. Curently, I am still setting things up and this may take a bit of time. For now, please read the rules as follows below before joining this group.




o1. Please have a name that is used primarily for Persona. Joke names and multiple character profiles will not be accepted under any circumstances. Thank you in advanced.


o2. Please do not join on a smut name. While some people may not be offended, others could be. That kind of thing will not happen in the group roleplay or the room itself.


o3. If you feel the need to have that sort of fun, please keep it to private messaging only. I will not stress this enough, sexual roleplay is not permitted in the room! I do not mind flirting, cuddling, a little romance here and there, but if the pants come off it better be in PM.


o4. I will not, at all, tolerate bullying of any kind. No drama policy. You start causing problems? I give you a three strike policy. First strike is a warning, second will be a kick from the room, and third will be a ban placed until I feel you deserve to come back. We're here to have fun, not act like idiots. Remember that and everyone should get along fine.


o5. If you'd like to start up a roleplay or open the room when myself or Seta are not around, please do so! Mods will try to keep the rooms open best they can when owners are busy.


o6. Have fun! This is a group dedicated to fans of the series, which is quite large. I will eventually be making a canon list for all the games, so that we can establish which are taken for the main roleplay with the group. If you'd like to inquire about a certain spot or character, feel free to ask me. I am always open to assisting others with a number of things.


Canon Characters


Will be updated at a later time.


Current and Credit


Story will be written here when there is an established setting. With Persona 5 coming soon, I'll be working on this gradually. Persona is back again!