Beyond the Gate  

[Fantasy RP.] Safe Haven Manor sits upon an ancient tomb, from which a magic runs through the surrounding area to allow no entry to those with ill, especially murderous, intent. No trouble may pass the gate. However, beyond the gate, trouble may be brewing.


Within the Gate


This group page is still under heavy editing. Please go to [this] website for more information on the manor itself.




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1. This is a fantasy RP. It's not entirely medieval but not exactly modern, either. The manor sports an entirely functioning kitchen with plumbing and lights but not much else. Not in a wildly technological setting. If you have any questions than please direct it to a staff member.


2. Keep OOC talk to a minimum during active play and storylines.


3. Take Smut to PM.


4. Unless otherwise discussed in OOC/PM no forcing other characters to do anything against their will.


5. No god modding. I don't care how amazing your character is they cannot just magically reverse or undo the Manor's enchantment or be "immune" to its affects. One warning only.


6. We now have a limit on how many characters one person can have in our little world. Please no more than Five characters and preferred that you only use 2 of those at the same time while in active play.


7. No blank profiles. Just having a picture is not enough either.