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One day, Hime Bell happened upon a stone of wish power- an artifact that had the power to grant a single wish to anyone who held it. Hime had every opportunity to wish to fix herself, with her flawed form and difficult life, but she did not. Perhaps she did not understand that that was something the stone could do; perhaps she understood there were others like her, others who would still need help after she wished herself to health. Either way, what she wished for instead was a safe place, where people like her, the disabled, children, those who simply wanted a haven they could go to where they would be looked after and cared for. And so, The Garden was created, a luxurious, accessible resort equipped with enough supplies to last years, medical facilities, and ramps and elevators to help people like Hime get around. A place they could live in peace.




The Garden is made of three main sections: The hall, the actual garden, and the springs. The hall is the main building- other building include pool cleaning supplies and other utilities, but most of the resort's facilities are in the hall. The first section of the circular building, the one you enter into, is mostly amenities and living areas, such as a theater, a kitchen, a dining hall, a lounge, temporary housing, a game room, supply closets full of toys and blankets and bedding, not to mention food and other supplies, and places that are safe for children to play in, at little or no risk to themselves. The west wing is essentially a hospital and supply ward, containing state-of-the art medical facilities and supplies, as well as other supplies like toiletries and construction materials that aren't kept in the south wing. The east wing is almost entirely living quarters; bedrooms assigned to individuals or family units, with no rent or obligation to maintain permanent residence. This part of the facility is heavily guarded by the mysterious forces that maintain the peace in The Garden, and as such there are stricter rules. Mostly just noise rules, because children like to sleep in the middle of the day for no reason. If you want to be loud, the south wing is perfect for that. The north wing is all one colossal room, with no roof or north wall. The room is an amphitheater, set with seating facing out over the cliff the resort was created on and overlooking the ocean.

The garden of The Garden is a place full of flowers and greenery, home to a variety of domesticated animals (mainly birds) and many species of plants. The north half, behind the amphitheatre, is made up of tropical forest and thick foliage, and is excellent for exploration and adventure. (Please make sure children are acompanied by an adult- if a child enters the area alone they will be teleported to the lounge in the south wing.) The south ahlf is more like a traditional garden- open spaces decorated with flowers, plants of beauty like flowering trees, and various edible plants that the residents can work together to help grow big and healthy. There are clear, easy paths here to connect the springs and the west, south, and east wings.The springs are a variety of pools and springs, many of which are protected in some way to keep young ones from hurting themselves. There are a wide variety of pools, small and large, hot and cold, deep and shallow, and there are cordoned off baths for those who like spring bathing outside. The other natural springs are open, and available to all.



Don't be mean. Not very mean, anyway. OOC drama is unacceptable, and discrimination of any kind is a bannable offense.

Keep smut out. This place is designed as a haven for children, and I'd like it to act as such. PDAs are fine, just keep it down.

No godmoding, use common sense, etc. This is a peaceful place, where the only all-powerful are the mods and owners. You are in Hime's tiny, non-existent hands.