Welcome to Pallas!

Things To Know!

Welcome to Pallas, a flourishing region of many walks of life, education, creations, and adventure! For those of you taking a curious look in, wondering what we're all about, let me give you the gist of it. Pallas is typically a fantasy setting, with a mixture of many other themes. Rural areas remain feudal and under influence of old gods, magics, and alchemy whereas more developed areas and cities have begun turning to technology instead of magic. This technology consists of mainly gunpowders, steam-powered mechanics, and other rudimentary inventions.

The plot circles the monchary (thus far) and how those in charge have been pushing for technology in the more rural areas. However, people further away from the cities don't believe much in this technology, and reject it vehemently. This has created a great deal of tension between both the ruling class and lower class - which often can't afford these new technologies - as well as those with a preference toward either or.

There are no set points of interest in this world; it's very sandbox. Start and go where you'd like. Taverns, brothels, secret hideouts, mountains, caves, beaches. We just ask you stick to the confines of the plot above.
1. There are no set kinds of characters! No power levels, no stat requirements, nothing; just PLEASE have some kind of profile.

2. No overpowered/god-moding characters. This is totally different than a character that is a deity, however.

3. We will begin to use generators/character pickers if too many characters are for the "magic" side or the "tech" side - even balance!

4. You can have more that one character in the room, but please no more than 3 alts.

5. Fighting is allowed.

6. Sex is allowed.

7. There is no post length; post what you feel works for you. (:

8. If you're not sure about where you might fit, message the owner for tips, help, questions.

9. Got an idea, too? See above!