We are the Order of the Crimson Star.  We seek power through knowledge, knowledge through information, and information through our members.  Our purpose is to collect knowledge in all its forms and to preserve that which we have gained.  We seek to know and to understand both Rhydin and ourselves.  We are not a social club; the Order is a guild and has a strict hierarchy to uphold.  Rank is not just a title; it carries with it duties, responsibilities, and privileges.  Orders must be respected, but as a member of this guild, it is your duty — as well as your right — to think for yourself.

Ideally, we wish to gain power through knowledge.  Though brute force may gain you temporary power, it is fleeting in the end and often, the price of it is too expensive to pay.  We seek power to effect change in ourselves.  We seek power to be excellent, to achieve personal greatness through excellence.  Personal greatness does not always come in the trappings of fame or fortune.  We seek to be the best and brightest we can be.


There are many benefits of joining, one being rank.  There is always an opportunity for advancement for those who perform their duties well and in a timely manner.  Another is a place to belong, a place of order and safety.  A third benefit is that of companionship.  Every member, from Private to Lord Commander, must acknowledge every other member.  You will never be completely ignored by your fellows.

It is required that all members must acknowledge other members and respect the rank of all superior officers.  Every member will have duties he should fulfill and a commanding officer to whom he must report.  Reporting is optional in the Order, though required if you wish to gain rank.  Those who fail to render respect, complete their duties, and attend any mandatory meetings, from which he is not excused, risk being demoted — or expelled.

All members are required to conduct their official affairs in a way that will bring honor to the collective that is the Order.  All members are asked not to bring disgrace to the Order with their unofficial actions.  Every member is an ambassador for the Order to the nexus that is Rhydin, and we wish to make a good impression.

( OCS is an IC guild. All OOC comments are to be kept strictly to IMs or email and are not to be in roleplaying rooms or IC posts, if at all possible.  The OCS abides largely by rules of Free Form Roleplaying (FFRP), a roleplaying form where every player has control of his own character at all times.  This gaming form is based on respect for other players and their characters.)