1.) Not only is the room smut friendly, we don't ban for it. That being said, no smut-only profiles, come on people, it says it is not a smut-only room, also do not intentionally make people uncomfortable - I'll ban your ass.

2.) OoC Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated.

3.) Please keep OoC comments to a minimum during RP. Quick updates such as AFK, BRB, and Back, are acceptable. Please let people know if you need to step away for an extended period of time or if you need to leave the RP for any reason, don't just leave people hanging.

4.) All characters must be an Original Character or Setting Appropriate Canon Characters, anything else will not be allowed to roleplay in the room. All characters must be between the ages of 16 and 45. We don't allow older or younger - it's a smut allowable room.

5.) No completely blank profiles. You will be warned and then kicked. Your profile doesn’t have to be fancy; it doesn’t have to have a lot of information, just something in it to give people an idea of your character and your character's personality.

6.) No God-moding, Metagaming, or Cross-RPing; that means you cannot just teleport into the room, kill, maim, or rape characters without the player’s consent or any other action that makes unreasonable assumptions about someone else’s character. It also means you cannot bring strictly player knowledge or information into character without justifiable reasons, or bring OoC drama into IC.

7.) There are no post limits, but please at least put a bit of effort into your posts and try to have Some grammatical correctness. We’re not asking for much, just simple capital letters at the beginning of sentences and a period at the end-it makes it much easier to read and the RP just flows better.

8.) No OoC Drama; if you have a problem with someone in OoC then please settle it in PMs or exercise the use of the Block Button, it works wonders. Do Not bring it into the room. Do Not bring OoC Drama from other rooms with you either-leave it at the door. Character Drama, however within normal human limits, is perfectly fine.

9.) No Lurkers allowed, you can watch for a bit to see if you want to play, but please do not give running OoC commentary if you are not participating at the Moment. For those playing, if you've posted at all and have to go afk or want a break in a scene, that's fine. Lurkers are defined as those that come in and NEVER say a word in IC or OOC chat.

10.) The moderators have the final say in decisions, please listen to them. If you believe they are abusing their power, or a mistake has been made, then take a screen shot and speak to one of the owners. We trust our moderators and they have the power to kick or ban people at their discretion if they are disrupting the flow of RP or breaking any of the above rules.

11.) We reserve the right to add or change these rules as necessary.

Dramatis Personae

Kuro no Ryu

Oichi Natsumi
Yamamoto Hinata
Tachibana Kaoru

Hoo Shuiro

Takemura Koichi
Takemura Rikuto
Tsukino Masaru

Government Agents

Fujimoto Sakura
Fujimoto Yuu
Yoite Haruki
Jerimiah Ackerson


Shelly Atwood
Kyosuke Prince
Kurosawa Katsurou

Tokyo Drama:

A Tale of Rivalries

Under Construction - Check Back Often! On a side note! We're not going to accept too many more who are affiliated as OTHER, right now. We need members for the other three groupings too! 

War is Coming! Who's side will you be on? Are you going to be a ferocious Dragon or are you going to rise from ashes like the Phoenix? Only You can decide...



Overall Group Plot forthcoming; Individual Character Development Plots and Play are Player responsibility.

The current and overarcing plot is a street war between two rival school gangs and their schools - one that started centuries ago between two families and their dojo; they bring in their outside connections and draw innocent civilians into the line of fire more often than they mean to. The story is more about their daily lives and trials, development plots are highly encouraged. The arc plots will evolve and change with the characters.


Kuro no Ryu

Associated with the Tachibana dojo and the Oichi Family, members attend Watanabe High School and Takahashi Cram School. Named after the Black Dragon, their color of choice represents the yin in the yin-yang.

Tachibana Dojo.


Hoo Shuiro

Associated with the Takemura Family and the dojo, members attend Shimizu High School and the Takahashi Cram School. They take their from the mystical Hoo (Phoenix), the color white representing the yang, in yin-yang.

Takemura Tattoo Parlor.


Important Locations



Character Creation Guidelines

1.) ALL high school students must be between the ages of 16 and 20, everyone else needs to be 20 and 45. Also, if you do not choose to be affliated with one of the Two Gangs that we've made for the group, you can be civilians or government agents.

2.) We encourage characters to be Original Characters but there will be Setting Appropriate canon characters allowed from ANY source as well, Mods and Owners have the final say on what is considered appropriate.

3.) The Setting is based on the Current year, which means don't make a Medieval character, See Rule 2.

4.) Keep the crimes/offenses/trouble to a resonable level. Seriously, people are NOT going to want to play with convicted murderers or rapists on the loose.

5.) While the setting is located in Japan, mainly Tokyo, characters from all over the world of any gender, nationality, etc. are permitted *And they need a very good reason to be there*, but be aware that the Japanese are fairly guarded and tend to be at best - depending on the individuals involved - standoffish. This is Not the players hating on you or your character.

6.) NO ONE is allowed to play Ghosts, Vampires, etc. Any and all Characters with a Supernatural Ability Must Be Approved By a Mod or an Owner. Do not assume your ability works without approval - adjustments might be necessary to either give it less power to be godmodding or more to make it fair with the others in the group.

7.) No NPC will ever have sex with your character under any circumstance. NO EXCEPTIONS, not even if you're 18 or above. Just NO!