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Be nice, be respectful, don't be a butt basket. No one likes people who are high on their dick stilts. 



This is a casual place for all fans of Kingdom Hearts to play and hang out. Do not judge people on their knowledge of the story, the way they play their character, their profile, sexual orientation, writing style, ectect. Negativity is not welcome here. 


Original characters are welcome, but please, if they have a Keyblade have some kind of explantion in your profile. How did they get it? Why did the keyblade choose them? All originals must be nothing too crazy or overpowered, and must fit into the universe somehow. Disney and Square characters are welcome here too, and multiples of canon characters. Please don't complain or be rude if someone plays the same canon as you. 


You do not have to follow what's going on in the canon universe during roleplay.


NO godmodding/metagaming, killing characters blablabla unless you have permission from the player.