Workers / Assistants


The Inn and Hot Springs dedicated to serve Youkai (demon) kind. Don't get us wrong, we will serve humans if they can pay, if not we may serve you for dinner to the fellow Youkai.

The Public part of the Inn and hot springs is a two story square building with a hot springs and garden in the center. The center is a mixed gender hot springs. The faint building on the right attached to the main is the dinning room and kitchen. The one before the dinning with the walk way are the public washrooms, the walk way leads you to the largest rooms along with two more hot springs that are more enclosed and private. Unseen in the back is the Inner Sanctum and what used to be the Old Shrine. Where the owner and his closest workers live.

Kogarashi Ryokan

The Rules


1. Killing and fighting are allowed, just if you don't want a pissed off fox, take it out side. He hates having to rebuild. 

2. Killing is only allowed if both fighters agree to the possibility that their character will die. Also a witness and judge of the fight/killing must be present.

3. Forced hits/forced actions are not allowed unless agreed upon by both parties.

4. NO GOD LIKE CHARACTERS, If you play one, He/she has to be able to die! If you don't want your god to die, then learn now to fight.

5. Smut isn't banned from the main room, but please be mindful of others and remember not everyone like to rp smut or read it. Even though the owner really doesnt care one way or the other.

7. Teleportation is not allowed with in the Walls of the Ryoken. You will be bounced into the nearest tree if you try. You must come through the main gate. The wards are set to only let a couple people even climb over the walls into the grounds of the Ryoken.

8. Tomoe, Tsuchi and Aya have the last word on anything that goes on.


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But really Please have fun. We are common sense players, and only have to put rules up because of those who apparently don't have it.