Greetings and Salutations

Hello and welcome to the Pokémon Gijinka group page. Apologies in advance as we're right in the middle of some major construction. Here, you'll find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere dedicated to the Pokémon Gijinka community. Because some of you may be new or unfamiliar with the term or general universe, please consider the following for more information.

Gijinka are human beings that were/are either willingly or unwillingly genetically fused with a species of non-human origin. In this case, that species is exclusive to Pokémon, either binded through experimentation, alternative groups... or via 12-year-old evil genius, Mandark.

Their memories are typically intact in some way, whether it be from their former selves or, occasionally, the combination of both. Here, their appearance is relatively human with distinct characteristics exclusive to their species.

Please bear with us as we continue to add information to the group page! It's a huge work-in-progress as you can... clearly see for yourselves. In the meantime, please refer to the rules on the right. While some of them may be subject to change in the future, please be respectful and check back for more updates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult one of the Owners or Moderators below!

Rules & Regulations

  1. 'Gijinka' is a Japanese word that pertaines to a type of humanoid, personification, or species of anthropomorphic origin. Gijinka belonging to this specific group must be exclusive to Pokémon.

    No exceptions.
  2. NO BLANK PROFILES. Something simple is perfectly fine. We don't expect you to be a coding genius; a picture and a small paragraph about your character will suffice. Additionally, you cannot have a multi-character profile. The profile you have must pertain to one character. Otherwise you may bring up to 3 alts in the room.
  3. If you're having a hard time coming up with information or a story for your Gijinka, please consider the following for guidance:

    How did they become a Gijinka? Were they "born" a Gijinka, or made a Gijinka? If they were the subject of experimentation, who were they before they became a Gijinka? What about their Pokémon side? What was their history like? Did the human side and the Pokémon side know each other previously?

    Character backstories and how they're constructed is up to the writer, but don't stretch the boundaries. Born, made, created, etc.; it doesn't really matter as long as your character doesn't fall into a zone that goes beyond reason. "My Father was a Zapdos and my Mother was a Muk, so I’m a flying, gloppy bird." Come on... Keep your feet in the Universe, please.
  4. Make sure your Gijinka is equipped with a sufficient arsenal. You are allowed up to SIX attacks and/or defenses of your choosing for your moveset. This will give others an understanding of what your character is capable of... should a battle [or Billiard scuffle] take place.
  5. This room is smut free, so please keep the RP and chatter relatively PG-13. We're not here to censor, but 'tasteless' won't fly. If you really want to smut, do the nasty in PM. Keep in mind that blatantly open affection ain't exactly everyone's cuppa tea. Y'dig?
  6. Hey, speaking of smut! Keep sexually-based profiles out of the room at all times. There are plenty of other rooms on this site for that stuff. This isn't one of them. You'll be PM'ed by an Owner or Mod with a warning if one of your profiles is deemed too "risque". That being said, check with one of us first; we're more than aware how popular "sexy Gijinkas" are to the art community. If you're not really sure whether or not the artwork you've chosen (or drawn) is too provocative, PM a Mod. The rule of thumb here is simply: Make sure they're clothed.
  7. No Godmodding. It's not a request — this is pure common sense. If battles are happening and strikes are delivered, offer up outcomes that are realistic to the Pokémon universe. You can't evade every attack or injury — Abusing this rule will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. You cannot combine two Pokémon together. You are either an Arcanine, or a Zoroark. Not both. There is an exception for the hive mind "Unknown" species, but other than that, please stick to one Pokémon.
  9. "Fakemon" are more than welcome to enter the room, but they must be approved by an Owner or Moderator. They should have a moveset like everyone else, and cannot be impervious to receiving damage. Fakemon should have reasonable grounds for existing; ALL of them have at least one Wiki page. The Pokémon list has grown quite a bit over the years, so we won't always recognize the species you've chosen. Providing a link to their existence is sufficient enough for a Mod to consider approval.
  10. Check your drama at the door and for the love of GOD, keep it out of the room. Mods will be forced to kick all parties involved if the warnings to stop go unheeded in any way. We really don't care who instigated first; nobody wants to surround themselves with it.
  11. Please keep joke/ troll names out of the room. We have very little tolerance for intentional shit-starters. This goes for anyone treading the line between OOC civility and simply being an asshole.
  12. Do not be afraid of bringing a problem to a Moderator's attention. They're here to assist in whatever way they can. If you're feeling harassed or threatened in some way, we ask that you please let a Moderator know. Their job is to keep the room free of unwanted distractions, but let's not forget: They are NOT here to babysit. Letting a Mod know about people causing issues is a good way for us to keep watch on them later. For everything else happening OUTSIDE of the room, make use of the "Block" button, and leave it at that.
  13. Please keep excessive link spamming down to a minimum, especially if something is NSFW. If they're the latter, PLEASE PROVIDE A WARNING BEFOREHAND.

    This is especially relevant during active RP. Kicks and Bans are typically handled by a negotiable three strike system. This means if repeat offenders or trolls are abound, there won't always be a warning beforehand. Bans will depend on the severity of the issue and either be temporary, or [Gorilla Glue] permanent.