I'll be filling this gradually because holy shit we have like 60 characters so... baby steps.
D. F. Winchester
Agent Beyonce
   of the
Fergus Macleod
King of
Ellie Strassner
Thea Rogers
Adelyn Marcus
Mick Davies
Oliver Schoffield
Stella Avery
John E Winchester
Mary Catherine

The Wayward Daughter
Cain The
First Born
Please bare in mind that we ran canonical parallels until roughly 12x12, we'll bend a little bit either way, but the end of S11 is ground value canonical continuity with negotiable levels beyond this, as long as it jives with existing players.

I'm so behind posting the Men of Letters stuff... just check the boards...
Kicking down the 4th 5th and 6th wall, the return of Published Supernatural books, conventions, and the church of Castiel.
The British Men of Letters are about to get front-and-center focus as well but is largely player driven and thus ... well. Okay, TLDR I haven't had time to sort out their thread. Stay tuned or inquire.Iapetus is also on the move.

Who Let the Leviathans In?, hell's dropped into a bit of a mess between the civil war downstairs and people kicking in back doors. Care to gain some favor?
The Wolfman - someone's daddy had a secret.
I didn't need that liver, anyway, is there a killer mermaid on the loose?
all general prompts in the general area
And of course, feel free to create your own.

Ode to Judas, the last epic overhanging arc. Dagon's defeat, the Nephilim's death, the kidnapping of Castiel, the corruption to Casmodeus, the siege on the Athens Asylum, the angelic weapon trade, Luciferian purging, the death of various individuals, and ultimately, the death of Judas himself.
We will always end up... here, TFW prepares their final chapter of exterminating Lucifer, with submissions like resurrecting Ellie Strassner.
Girl Scouts Scouted, due to bizarre happenings, Lucifer on a spree took over a girl scout cookie factory. As no one was able to answer, there will be no girl scout cookies next year and it is ALL YOUR FAULT.
Man Hung In Willow Tree, a small case involving a suspected Wendigo, turned out to be a Crocotta.
Celtic Binding, a small personal mission discovering a character to be sealed angel-kin, was revealed elsewhere.
Three Heads, an Eve-Corrupted hellhound best known as Cerberus escaped and went rogue, was killed elsewhere.
Quests and missions prior to break-away into our own room are not logged and categorized but include Tartarus as the Empty, Iapetus' attempted escape, the nephilim and more. Some of these can be reviewed in Agent Beyonce's profile, admittedly with a character-specific tilt since... it's a character profile.



Agent Beyonce
• Room Owner: I do all the things.  

I RP, I approve profiles, I help build storylines and figure out where you can hinge into things. I make most of the group videos.

• Admin: I do all the same things the room owner does.  

• Admin: The newest admin to the bunch, the sort of dot between the yin-yang of the other admins. 

Except I don't make videos, and I'm around less, because life things.

Thea Rogers - Generally helpful,

Can assist in moderate to basic character submission and approval, welcome to the room, and synchronize you with player groups that can help launch your character. I also make group videos.

The Lumberjack - Generally helpful,

Much like Thea, baseline approval/integration/etc.




All canons must have approval from both admins.  All human hunters can be pretty much default accepted by any moderator, under the understanding that you will not enter with mythic level weapons.  We have a point/effort system to help ensure OCs get these.  The Character Creation FAQ on the forum walks through base allowed monsters without need for discussion beyond sweep over approval to ensure you aren't a fucktard.  Demons of low tier are also accepted.  Gods, high tier demons, and angels are community story approval only because otherwise they're walking plot busters.


If you need help integrating an idea, ask any staff and they'll help.



1. Don't be a dick.

2. T1: Godmoding is not to be tolerated from anyone.
Further T1 rules and FAQs are addressed here.
3. IC/OOC divide on all fronts, from everyone.
4. Keep OOC minimal.
5. No public smut.
6. Bashing
Try not to bash other rooms, players, etc. In fact, if everyone abides by the rule about OOC, this shouldn't be an issue. I really don't care if you bitch about someone in PMs. Don't bring it into the room. Don't bring it into the forum. Don't make this community toxic. Don't try to be sly about it either.  Certain people on RPH like to think they're slick, and I have a no-bullshit policy on flyby toxicity.
7. Respect Redux
Defined in the rules, but also just further emphasis in overview.

8. No one is the main character. Nobody is the main character, or they all are. Not you, not me. This means: you don't get special privileges, I don't get special privileges, and most of all for the love of all that is holy, don't treat your character like a POV character. POV character toxic narrative examples are in the full rules.
9. Character Approval/Systemics
All characters must be approved. Just make sure you have a good grasp of canon.  Canon characters and high-tier power creatures must be simultaneously approved by both room admins, but if one of us is on, we're usually both available.  OCs may require discussion.  Default hunters, default humans, and default basic toolkits are automatic approval as long as they don't tie into story with other characters. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO PLAY A MAIN ROLE - be it a member of anchor canon cast that people end up relying on heavily, or a major villain that you want us to support the story of - it is MANDATORY to provide a Skype account for contact so we don't lose track and get everyone wedged on story progression.  You are free to play independent storylines that the room doesn't push or promote themselves on the page without doing this.

10. Character Idling, Character Death, Ragequitting.
We have a huge bundled ruleset on how to handle this in the main document. We're going to assume you agree to the full document as well, as this repeatedly defers to it.
11. Room Owner's word is law.
Because I'm not a dipshit.


Public upset/massive OOC:
Try to warn 3 or less players by PM to cease or be kicked.
If 3 or more players are OOCing, make a public announcement. Provide 30 seconds for the message to be seen and OOC to stop, and if it continues, kick the offenders and send them a PM immediately to explain why and warn to not ask questions in public. Accept any PM complaints and deal with them.
If a player is kicked three times consecutively for enduring OOC, this becomes a ban. This ban lasts one day the first time, seven days for the second offense, one month for the third, and permanently for the fourth time it is ever evoked.

Break of any other rule:
Try to discuss with the player in private. If it is a multiple player problem, create a break-off locked temporary room to discuss with players in. This involves harassment, being a dick, or general noncompliance. Try to resolve individual issues in PM. I'm only going to appoint sensible people so... yeah.
Kick upon disruption, with immediate PM explanation.
Three kicks is a ban. This ban lasts one day for the first offense, seven days for the second offense, one month for the third, and permanently for the fourth time it is ever evoked.

< Custom group video for RP Season 1  Overview.


GENRE: Modern Fantasy/Adventure/Drama/Dark/Comedy/All The Things

STYLE: T1; Covered in "Rules".

PREMISE:  It's Supernatural, you ass.  (No really I love you.)


Just about anything you could possibly need to know to begin can be found on our Master FAQ thread. Character creation, profile building, how-2-combat, more extensive version of the rules the group has a light overview of - and most of all, the "Current" section of this profile?  Yeah, that's cool and all.  We'll try to keep it updated.  But our Job board on the forum can be updated freely by anyone!


No really. Just read that.  Almost anything you can find on our group page is more actively updated there. Ask Agent Beyonce, S.Winchester or TheaRogers for help at any time.  You can also ask for help in our Skype group. Since sometimes we do that thing called sleeping.


The Road So Far...

The Road So Far...