Welcome to "Overwatch: After Dark"!

First-Off I want to thank you for your visit, and I want to establish that we are in no-way a "competing" or "rival" room to any other Overwatch Rooms on RPH.

This is purely meant to be a more "Adult-Themed" interactivity-space for Overwatch characters to come and enjoy themselves with everything from conversation to PG-RP to Adult-Rated/Themed RP's.

The owner only asks that you: 1.) Do not flame, troll or go out of your way to otherwise be rude to other occupants in the chat.

2.) Do not make disparaging remarks or comments about other people who are RPing (this includes insulting remarks, criticisms, kink-shaming, opinion-shaming, etc).

3.) Do not discuss Politics in the open-room. (This has nothing to do with censorhip, I'm just personally tired of Political-Discussion after the last 2~ years and past election, etc. Discuss anything else without worry.)

Other than that, please click the additional tabs to your left to view the other "Rules" and Group Information, and enjoy yourselves, and welcome!


Be Kind!: It's not hard. Just don't be a dick to other people. Be respectful. If you're having a "debate," that's totally fine. But when things like: "Only an idiot would think that." Or, "Then you're retarded." Come into it, it stops being a "debate" and it becomes an argument. That sort of stuff won't be allowed.


Offensive Language: I'm going to borrow "inspiration" from another forum I've used: If you're having an OOC discussion with someone and start calling people, "Faggot," "Nigger," or other deliberately slanderous/racist things, THAT is NOT allowed, and will be punished.

However: If you're IC and RPing with someone (let's say Lucio and Tracer are doing the dirty), and Tracer calls Lucio a "nigger" during the heat of the moment, THAT will not be punished. IC is acceptable. OOC-Maliciousness is not.

IF someone begins blurring the lines between the two to try and get away from the rules, we will know it, and we will act on it.


RPing: Public RP is allowed. Public-Sex RP is allowed. We only ask that extreme kinks (Gore, Vore, Scat, etc.,) is kept to PM's. If you're "not sure" about something, play it safe: Keep it to PM or ask a Mod/The Owner.


Topics of Discussion: The only thing I ask that people not discuss in chat is Politics. Anything else is fine: Video-Games, Movies, T.V., Sex, Music, Social-Media. Whatever you feel like.

Just keep it friendly.


Chat vs. RP: This always seems to be a touchy debate: "RP should always take priority over general discussion." Honestly, I don't agree. Nor do I think Chat should, by-default, take priority over RP. This room operates as follows: "Majority Rules."

If 10 people are discussing video-games or whatever they're discussing, and 2 or 3 people are trying to RP, it's not fair to expect the 10-people to stop everything they're discussing for the 2 or 3 people to take control.

This goes both ways: If 10 people are RPing and 2 or 3 people are chatting, then those 2/3 people will have to yield to the RPers.

If there's a problem with this, discuss it with the Owner in private. But as long as everyone is going about their business without trouble from one side or the other, then everyon can feel free to do as they please.


WatchPoint Gibraltar:

The Former Orbital-Launch facility known as WatchPoint Gibraltar has been re-purposed as a nervous-system and HQ for Overwatch Agents in their Off-Hours. Hangars have been re-designed to meet various purposes, from fitness-centers, to communal-showers, to barracks, to recreational-facilities.

The former operational-center that many remember as the "Start Point" for Payload Escort, has been converted to a comfortable Lounge/Community-Common Room. Its lined with several couches, several large, wall-mounted televisions, and even arcade-machines.

There's a perpetually-stocked refrigerator for drink-and-food storage, with open-access granted to all residents of the facility.


There are communal and private-showers, varying from mono-gender to co-ed in nature. They range from simple shower-stalls to a large hot-tub and sauna-room, and in for those who prefer their privacy, there are single-person shower/bathrooms that are easily accessible and with lockable-doors.


The Exterior still looks much as it was before, though the far-side launch-pad has been fenced in and re-purposed as a multi-functioning "Sports" facility, able to host Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and other games.

There's also a simple "Sky-Watching" area, as well, for those who enjoy sitting outside and listening to the ocean and staring at nothing in particular.


And of course no "rest/retreat" facility would be complete without a fully-stocked, open bar.


> Hook Her - Owner.