Saving People
Hunting Things

SPN:SPHT is a 100% drama-free, accepting roleplay game based off the fantasy horror television series created by Eric Kripke 'Supernatural', about Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who dedicate their lives to hunting supernatural creatures to protect humans and to save the world from time and again from the dangers this increasingly sinister landscape that the world has become as the years go by.

We more or less follow canon until season 12, from there the appearance of different OCs and different circumstances changed the course of things to an extent. We still had British Men of Letters, Lucifer coming back, people being sent to the Empty, but some things were different. Long story short: it's still the same vibe from the show, same big events -mostly- but with the touch of different characters that have made a difference in how things happened.

We aim to give everyone a safe, free and nice place to roleplay, without all the drama that has been going on with this fandom before, no hate, no grudges and no discrimination of ANY kind.

Hopefully, the RP will be going on all the time, and we highly encourage you to join in, lurk, do anything you want! Everyone is welcomed!