Welcome to World of Darkness: Denver by Night. We are a new roleplaying group set in the oWoD setting and use all the games including Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascenion, Demon: The Fallen and Changeling: The Dreaming with Denver and the state of Colorado as the main setting. 


General Rules  

  • 1) WoD: Denver by Night does not have a word count though we are a serious roleplaying group and not a glorified 'costume party' type chat. We ask that all players have their profiles and characters pre-approved by a staff member. 
  • 2) The setting described is just that, a setting. We do not require nor ask our players to have every little plot detail pre-approved beyond their character profiles. If you want to do something, play it out! The honor system does apply though.


3) The golden rule always applies in OOC chat. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Disagreements are bound to happen but please keep such discussions civil and if issues are unable to be resolved, contact a staff member to do so.


4) We use a turn-based fighting system when it comes to combat but have no formal system for it.


5) It is important to remember stories evolve organically and sometimes take turns players do not expect. Do not lose heart if your storyline takes an angle that you did not expect and embrace the challenge of doing something new with it!


6) In keeping with the theme of WoD the room has a mature rating and it should be expected that things like violence, gore, sex, substance abuse and other such material are mentioned and played out. Please do not get carried away with it though! 


7) No metagaming should be an obvious one. Examples of metagaming include using OOC knowledge as IC knowledge, a single typist having characters that mutually support one another, and ignoring other players posts.


Setting Rules 


  • 1) Given the huge amount of written material in the oWoD setting with some of it contradicting other established material we will refer to the 20th anniversary editions when such things come up. Examples of this would include the True Black Hand being nearly extinct, the Gangrel still belonging to the Camarilla, etc 

2) It is important to remember that a supernatural creature in the oWoD setting can go years, even decades without meeting a member of their same species nevermind those of another. To keep with the themes of horror and mystery vampires, werewolves, mages and everyone else should have a very, very limited knowledge of one another unless they have a very good reason to be 'in the know'


Setting Information


  •  World of Darkness: Denver by Night takes place in the modern era circa 2016. After several decades of being an Anarch Free State the glorious Brujah project collapsed under it's own weight (though several bitter members of the clan say it was sabotaged) and a powerful group of Camarilla-aligned kindred swooped in to assert the sects rule over the city. The iron-handed rule of Prince Magnus of Clan Tremere holds the city of Denver proper, but there are several independant minded kindred that claim the title of Baron and domains dotted throughout the metro area and the state itself. The Giovanni have also claimed vast tracts of territory and great influence, and their are rumors of Sabbat infiltration across the state...rumors the Camarilla are quick to deny.


The Garou Nation has a heavy presence in the state though it is anything but united. The Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers are the werewolves most likely to be encountered in the limits of the city, but nearly every tribe has a caern somewhere in the state. There have been recent attempts at a unified strategy against the agents of the Wyrm but age old vendettas have assured no such efforts have come to pass.