Deep in the woods of Southern Montana territory is an old mining town called Skull Creek.  
 It has the usual... Saloon - whores included.  A bank, primed and ready for robbing, a livery, a merchantile, a sheriff, etc. etc. 


 What they don't tell you is about the darkness that lingers in the trees.  People who happen upon Skull Creek may find themselves changing.  Inexplicable  magics work in mysterious ways bringing those who are worthy to become the guardians.  The Skin Walkers.  


 About Skin Walkers.  They are people who can shift into an animal at will and often times against their will.  The animals are predators only, native to the Northern U.S. (Bears, Wolves, Cougars (not middle aged women) etc.)  and it is they who will ward off the darkness that lingers within the forest.  W.I.P. - Website to come.  


Now, for rules.  

1. Don't be an asshole. 

2. No one liners.

3. No moding without permission. 

4. Room owner has final say. 

5. Have fun. 

6. Refer to number 1. 

 7. Profiles with pictures and small bios will be required.  If a Skin-walker is chosen it must be included in profile text. However, since RPH profile creation/deletion is being a bitch - we'll be lenient