Art commissions available both to people in and outside of the RP. Information to be posted soon, until then, "inquire inside" to "The GM". Prices scale between 5-45 dollars depending on the type of work requested, and payment plans are negotiable.  We also feature help with profile CSS for 2$ a profile.  Sometimes I code them ground up, sometimes I take a template like this one and completely revamp it from the original designer (although credit is left in the bottom right.)  I wish I could help everyone in the world for free to make custom templates, but time is money... and my ability to focus on the RP. This is all but an extra job at this point, and any method of support is appreciated, but we try to give something back for it. (Profile templates, art, etc.)  Thanks for all of your love and support!
Devils and Demons

The mysterious voidsent attacks continue.  Some insightful adventurers believe they may have found the "nest."  Are we approaching a finale...? Or is this just the beginning?
A few other adventurers have caught wind that a powerful, non-native, outsider Mazoku is wandering around; some say he's working with the Voidsent; others say he may be lingering in Istoll, even under the face of a common merchant. This is far from common information, and you'll need to meet just the right people to find it. But will you find your own information along the way that might help them?

Politics and War

After a year and a half of war, Alnasa was given the option to pay reparations for the damages to all other nations, or excuse themselves of ALL actions of the past, including removing themselves from destroyed Threnody territory and resigning it to Xorvintaal's ownership. The global council applied extreme pressure with the fright that yet another world war could rupture over it, and Alnasa's new leadership read between the lines and recognized that not even their allies were in position to defend them if the rest of the world turned angry guns to them - or even if Xorvintaal itself opted to take a stand. The leader of Xorvintaal's habitually passive and political route has won the battle for Threnody without firing a single shot.

Kiarrdo has been announced, after a long string of information not needed in this quirk blurb, as joining the Empire of Xorvintaal after the Xorvintaaldarax took claim of the land to prevent it from falling into the hands of the former aggressive Alnasan Emperor. After months of reshaping Kiarrdo, he now begins to transition it. Some support it. Others in the moderation branch are less than happy over this.

Modified Kiarrdan flags were spotted in the territory of Dondrl for a forced settlement of the wild, tribal lands. Vicious tribal giants began flushing into Alnasa, only to be shot down. A recent war, led by unlikely but capable generals, has led the tribal barbarians of Dondrl to victory against a technically superior force. Former Highmistress Alessia has retracted her forces from Kiarrdo and been given sanctuary in Kiarrdo, her old land, by Xorvintaaldarax Kionra'alish, ruler of Xorvintaal and its subsidiary territories (Threnody, Kiarrdo.); There is talk of Alessia returning as the Prime of the Kiarrdo Territory beneath Xorvintaal. A new highchief, "Tiny Head Ax Donkey", has been declared over Dondrl's region for uniting the people.

Lenegon has forfeited the declared Cold War against Xorvintaal put into place by its previous leadership who, during a sudden goblin revolution, happened to be thrown into a volcano. Currently, Lenegon is in turmoil but attempting to fix damages of its past rulership.

Alennon's newer, kinder and gentler goddess queen has attempted to turn the daimons of her land towards healing magics, so that they might not be seen as a global threat any longer. However, this is causing a rift. Some refuse goddesses now in the former theocracy, and in attempting to maintain a light and gentle hand it is making punishment of insurgencies difficult; others simply reject the new ways and are banding their own cults together for power. And of course, some are accepting the new path. Alennon maintains a passive alliance with Alnasa, but loves it from afar, in the face of an overwhelming political tilt in penance for its recent history.

Some nations express growing distrust of an empire that has exploded in landmass nearly overnight, expanding to nearly a third of the known world in less than a year. Still, despite this, Xorvintaal maintains tentative alliances with Lenegon, Grwier, and Istoll and has recently reached out to Alnasa.


Please visit the forums for necessary information and don't be afraid to ask questions.



Welcome Party: Welcome to LoS; let me help you build your character. I'll explain system basics, how to build new characters or import ones from elsewhere; I also help figure out a good place to start your character.
Political RP: While most nations are autonomous and run by player characters, I'm here to make sure everyone's up to date, that information is shared relevantly, and that everyone maintains proper fair play. Ask me for political RP information any time. Similarly this is "general world overview." When relevant, I'll be the primary resource for any information involving Mazoku storylines.

Leveling: LoS is our most vigilant keeper of the level sheet, updater of XP, etc; if you have any problem with how your stats are listed, or have questions about your leveling, he's your man.
Voidsent GM: The current plot arc rotates around creatures called the voidsent, and as a result, LoS is currently our primary "event GM." If you're wondering when the next event is, feel free to ask him.

• Specialty: After you've built your default character and settled into the RP, when your questions start piling up about specifics, mechanisms, or ideas you have that you want to craft into the system, OP4 is your best candidate. He has the firmest grasp of fair play, balances, and how to work with you. Behind the doors he's the one that works out the hijinks with our system so go to him for advanced questions and ideas.



1. Don't be a dick.
Literally, if you're just going to be a thundercunt, we don't want you here. Treat everyone with respect. This rule is held in even HIGHER level of standard to the mods and GMs. If you don't have patience and a thick skin, you don't deserve the rank.

2. Godmoding is not to be tolerated from anyone.
NO ONE. That is to say, GM characters do not exist. The GMs will remain anonymous. Even if it's figured out, that isn't the point; GMing will never take place through a character name, and there is no such thing as a GM character. GMs play NPCs. GMs place challenges. Any character that may be played by someone who is, at times, a GM is not a GM character, and is subject to the same parameters as every other player character. Bosses are not PCs and do not get the same protection as PCs.  
Godmoding is not exclusively a combat issue; social combat is in fact a thing in an RP with politics. GMs playing PCs may be subject to making interaction rolls and saves as if they were an NPC, even if we generally do not enforce CHA/Interaction rolls against other PCs.  I will not allow any GM character to railroad a player simply because they do not personally like them.  GMs may adjust reasonable thresholds of favor, disfavor or difficulty on persuasion based on local culture and the subject at hand, but I refuse for a well argued point to go to the wayside just because it's made by someone the GM doesn't care for.  
If this intimidates other players reading it, DO NOT WORRY.  This has not been a problem in this RP. It has yet to arise, but it's being clearly outlined.  We spawned off of a parent RP with no Charisma stat and GMs that adjusted social climate to suit personal narrative needs, and we want to ensure that this doesn't happen.  We will be a true, open sandbox. If I, the room owner, can be responsible and roll persuasion and interaction checks with my characters and NPCs both, so can any other person who takes on the GM tag.

3. IC/OOC divide on all fronts, from everyone.
Don't threaten people OOC about IC, don't expect IC to pass OOC, don't ask anyone to change anything IC.

4. Keep OOC minimal.
PMs are a thing. This applies even extra-especially to GMs and mods. If ever correcting a player's behavior or needing clarification, unless addressing more than two people, take it to PM. Try to resolve questions with players in PM first. If two players can not reach an agreement in PM, then contact a GM or mod for a resolution.

5. Smut.
Look, this is RPH. Pretty much everyone has a smutty side. We get it. Smut isn't inherently disallowed by any stretch; but we DO ask more for story. Do you see the userlist on RPH? All of the smut rooms. They're everywhere! You can get those jollies any old way. Can you smut? Yeah, I'm not gonna ask you not to. But if there's legitimate story - posting - effort and advancement going on and you're just sitting there smutting to smut in public... Just Cause? We'd honestly prefer you take it to PM. Are you worried about your experience tallies? If you REALLY NEED TO, go to and send the link of the smut the the GMs. They'll take care of it and add it. But there's also a way to introspect: how much of your RP has to be sent like that to add? What story could you have been handling in the interim? How many cool interactions did you miss? We want our focus to be story.

6. Bashing
Try not to bash other rooms, players, etc. In fact, if everyone abides by the rule about OOC, this shouldn't be an issue. I really don't care if you bitch about someone in PMs. Don't bring it into the room. Don't bring it into the forum. Don't make this community toxic.

7. Respect Redux
Respect goes beyond not being a dick blatantly, and not bashing. It means communicating with players, trying to reach a middle ground (IE, someone needs to leave, don't go "HAR HAR I WIN" if they have a legitimate reason. Bubble it and move on.) It means equally so that you try not to engage in something you can't participate in. If someone says "I can't do this right now, I have to leave in half an hour", let them leave. If you have to leave in half an hour, let the room know. Nulling roleplay will almost never happen unless the entire foundation of an instance was on faulty measures and in conflict with existing canon.

8. Main Character
Nobody is the main character, or they all are. Not you, not me. This means: you don't get special privileges, I don't get special privileges, and most of all for the love of all that is holy, don't treat your character like a POV character. POV character? You know, where you use narrative to vindicate all the bullshit going through your character's head and make a bunch of toxic narrative that either nobody can react to, or leads to reduction to narrative wars. A lot of people don't realize they do this. A GM should (POLITELY WITHIN ALL RULES) PM an offender and discuss with them to prevent toxic environment.

9. Character Approval/Systemics
All characters must be approved to acquire experience and level up. All GM events will be run within the stat system unless unanimously agreed by all engaging players that they prefer T1. All combat has the choice between players as T1 or stat based. Both players must agree to either option, or it defaults to stat based. Both T1 and stat based RP is subject to mod rolls, and mod approval. A GM rolls publicly and announces base damage publicly. Any questions, concerns or conflicts WILL be taken to PM. You will get one warning on this.

10. Character Idling, Character Death, Ragequitting.
These are bundled together but handled differently.
----- If a character dies, we move it to another tab on the sheet, so in the future there may be a resurrection quest performed. While we allow most Pathfinder style abilities, Resurrection is a limited use and we prefer having to make quests so there is actually a penalty for messing up and dying, and an adventure as a result of trying to fix it.
----- If you Ragequit the RP in general, we make no promises on what becomes of your character. Odds are we'll try to contact you and ask what you want to say happens with your characters, especially if they're placed in any majorly plot-relevant positions, but if you come at me with some insane bullshit like "all of my characters (that never even knew each other and lived across the world) put together a space ship and flew away overnight" or something equally arbitrary, I'm gonna say "no", and they will be used as NPCs briefly until the most plot-oriented solution happens. These characters will be moved either to the "Dead" or "Idle" tabs on the experience sheet.
----- Life happens. We get that. Sometimes you can't be around for a long time. In general, we try to assume your character is on an adventure. But some people have gained very important roles in this RP, get involved in something, then vanish. We'll generally leave that alone. However, as a standing rule of thumb, anyone who has made no contact for a month or more (PMs, Skype, message drop on the forum) is subject to losing their controlled territory or similar. We'll do our best to preserve your character themselves and not make them totally obsolete/not murder the hell out of them, but after a month of not showing up at ALL, other characters using reasonable story means to pursue the same major plot relevance are allowed to do so. This doesn't mean "free grab if a leader vanishes for a month", this means "players can take viable plot methods towards an idle position after a month."

11. The GM/Room Owner's word is law.
Because I'm not a dipshit.


Public upset/massive OOC:
Try to warn 3 or less players by PM to cease or be kicked.
If 3 or more players are OOCing, make a public announcement. Provide 30 seconds for the message to be seen and OOC to stop, and if it continues, kick the offenders and send them a PM immediately to explain why and warn to not ask questions in public. Accept any PM complaints and deal with them.
If a player is kicked three times consecutively for enduring OOC, this becomes a ban. This ban lasts one day the first time, seven days for the second offense, one month for the third, and permanently for the fourth time it is ever evoked.

Break of any other rule:
Try to discuss with the player in private. If it is a multiple player problem, create a break-off locked temporary room to discuss with players in. This involves harassment, being a dick, or general noncompliance. Try to resolve individual issues in PM. I'm only going to appoint sensible people so... yeah.
Kick upon disruption, with immediate PM explanation.
Three kicks is a ban. This ban lasts one day for the first offense, seven days for the second offense, one month for the third, and permanently for the fourth time it is ever evoked.

GM word is law; however, this rule will not itself ever be reason for a ban, as long as all arguments or debates are kept in PM or a break-off locked down chat. GM word is law, but you have the right to dispute it without other disruption.

GMs have their own extra rules and code of conduct as an oath, visible on our forums.



PREMISE:  Legacy of Sin is a setting wherein the vices of infamous sins have taken hold of humanity and caused serial wars. Seven nations battle as far back as time can remember, and people are tired of war; one unfortunate eighth nation sits in the middle; once a land of freedom, they have fallen pressure to the evils around them and reflect much of the worst from all sides, but they may need to change this if they don't want to go extinct. All fantasy races are welcome.  We are flexible in helping you import earned levels from other stat-based RPs - from other local statted RPs on RPH, to D&D. Levels may not translate EXACTLY but we have methods of handling. 



Please visit the forums for necessary information and don't be afraid to ask questions.

You can also join our public Skype group for HELP:

 Click here to join instantly! 




Don't worry, we have a super easy walkthrough in that link.  The level of focus you want to put into building your character is completely up to you. If you know how to Add 5, Subtract 5, and follow basic directions, you've got this, I swear.  There's a lot of versatile building mechanisms to the more dedicated, and if you WANT to try to be more dedicated, don't be afraid to ask me for more information and assistance.  Me and my fellow mods will gladly assist you and walk you through what you need.  I swear I don't bite.



Don't worry, got you covered.  While it isn't our PRIMARY method (because god knows getting people to play fair is like pulling teeth), we also offer low-stat and complete logic T1 based battles if players agree to use it in an exchange.  We just need you to build a basic profile to the specs in the link so if a dispute DOES happen, and if it DOES come down to a simple matter of who might be stronger or faster (cuz believe it or not, that DOES count), the GMs can resolve it.


Let me know what kind of adventure you want, and we're down.



Okay, we love helping people.  We're here to help you build, walk you through the steps, but for the love of god do your best to follow basic directions when we're trying to help you.  We have an order of operations when helping build.  "Base stats, race/special, PP."  We're happy to clarify how any of these work, but we want a simple idea of what you want "I want to be a witch with great fire magic," "I want to be a paladin", great.  We'll walk you through the steps, but for the love of unholy jesus don't waste our time by bouncing around.  I recently spent hours trying to get someone to commit to the first step - base stats - because they were too busy going "AND I WANT THIS SPELL, AND THAT SPELL," "That's great, let's get your base stats," "AND I WANT THIS SPELL, AND THAT SPELL, AND I WANT TO CATCH MISSILES." "...That's great, let's do our first steps." in a loop, over and over.  Don't be that person.  If you request assistance, we're happy to assist, but let us actually HELP you.  Trust our steps, trust our orders and operations, everyone comes out with spells and abilities in the end but one step at a time.


Legacy of Sin