Welcome to the Black Wing Tavern!



Welcome to the Black Wing Tavern, while we don't have many rules about the type of RP that takes place here, there are a few general guidelines that we'd like people to abide by. The Staff will take these guidelines into consideration should someone act up within the room.


Guideline #1: Please have a character profile! Now we're not saying it has to be anything fancy, but your profile is everyone's first impression of you as a role player. Let us know who your character is and give us some details on the style you like to write. That way everyone can enjoy their RP.


Guideline #2: While we don't moderate the type of RP that goes on (smut is ok), please keep in mind that the Black Wing is a Bar and Tavern for ADULT characters. Under aged patrons (Under 18) may be asked to leave, or forcibly removed if needed.


Guideline #3: Respect The Staff. If a staffer asks you not to do something or to drop a topic of conversation; then do as asked. You'll be PM'ed first, and then dealt with via kicks or a ban if continued violation of this guideline occurs.


Guideline #4: Please use brackets, ('s or ['s, for OOC. This is an in character room. Unless the status stays otherwise, please be in character and keep the OOC to a minimum when there is active RP in the room. Staffers will moderate this and keep an eye on the RP going on.


Guideline #5: As said above, we don't moderate the type of RP that is done within the room. However, should a Staffer ask you and your partners to move to PM for your more detailed or offensive scenes then please abide by these requests. We don't expect this to happen often but it's being put here to give the Staff the power to do so.



That's about it! We run the place on a three strikes rule and the owners, Gene Tigereye and Abelia Tigereye make any determinations on bans or ban releases together.


Just make sure to respect the owners and the staff and everyone will have a great time!


The Black Wing's Current Staff



Abelia Tigereye Abelia Tigereye, Co-owner and primary Bar-tender/Server, with very few staff on hand she runs the place while Gene is absent. Quick to a smile and flirty beyond belief, she is the perfect bar tender. Gracious and kind she is always attempting to keep everyone in the Tavern happy. Don't get on her bad side however, she is military trained and can hold her own if needed!

"Can I get you anything to drink, eat maybe? I'd be happy to make whatever you'd like, I just ask that you don't stare too much when I turn around. Gotta leave some to the imagination." - Abelia
Gene Tigereye Gene Tigereye, Owner and founder of the Black Wing, trained culinary chef and bartend. When present at the Tavern he’s a well known face for the regulars, his most distinguishable feature being his right eye. When not at the tavern he serves as Captain of the CSS ANGEL, a starship from the year 4366AD. Regardless of his absenses, he still manages to keep the Black Wing in place as one of the top stops for tourists from not only 21st century Earth dwellers, but also for time travelers looking for a place to stop while moving through history.

"I'm happy to cook anything someone can ask for but just try to remember, my wife's not on the menu." - Gene


The Black Wing's History


Established in the year 2125 and located in Los Angeles, California; the Black Wing Tavern (within a universe known as Other World), is the duplicate of the White Wing Tavern (located in the Real World). Owned and operated by husband and wife, Gene and Abelia Tigereye, it's a back ally hangout of some of the cities more unique characters. Fantastical beasts and strange beings are not uncommon within its walls, this even includes one of it's proprietors Abelia Tigereye.

Upstairs a strange Gateway lies dorment; what it is there for or who placed it there is unknown. Perhaps one day its secrets will be discovered!