Welcome to The Slaughtered Lamb

Tired? Thirsty? Alone? We guarantee that whatever ails you, you'll find treatment here. Under the guise of a London Pub, it is also home to a whole host of characters in need of respite. The Main Floor boasts ample seating, fully stocked (self-serve) bar & kitchen, fireplace, and all the dimly lit corners of which your little dark heart could dream (Thanks to Bastion, The Lamb is devoid of windows. Any previously existing have been sealed by stone and mortar upon purchase.); and if you feel so inclined, you could stay a night in one of the many bleakly furnished, second floor rooms. That is, if you’re feeling brave enough... So come in, kick back, relax, raid the fridge for a beer or two - you could even seek one stashed in the furthest, darkest depths of the cellar from way back when this place was first erected in the hopes of... discouraging wayward wolves. We do have some rules, however. Respect them, and we'll respect you.
No godmodding.
No blank or ooc profiles.
 No purely smut oriented profiles. 
Characters need to be at least 18yr+.
Be respectful, keep ooc drama to pms.
No spamming or advertising of any kind. 
Smut is allowed within reason, and only between characters of legal age.
 Please keep ooc [bracketed] or (parenthesized) and to a minimum during RP.  
Please take any complaints to the owner/mods; however, we do not operate on hearsay, please have a screenshot to back up any accusations.
Warnings and kicks will be given at the owner/mod’s discretion in accordance with the rules.
Multiple offenses may land you a temporary or permanent ban by the owner to be determined on a case to case basis.
Rules may be subject to alteration or additions as the room evolves.

Owner: Bastion Tomelin
"The worst guilt is to accept an unearned guilt."


Mod: Cassius Carmine
When there are lambs, there are big, bad wolves - and Cass is no exception. Fortunately for you, his hunger has been sated... for now. But he'll always make room for those who push their luck. Find him amongst the trail of glitter and blood, if you dare.


Mod: Voltaire
I've got my weapons and my booze for contentment. You might find me in an alley, a bar, or sleeping in a pile of trash.

...You just better know I don't hold back.


Mod: Silas Viscienne
Rude, sarcastic, unspeakably selfish... Totally safe to bring home to your parents. Getting on his good side is hard enough as it is... but moreso without a full flask to be shared.