How to Play

You can roleplay whenever you want. This is a chat roleplay site after all. However, if you want to join a D&D game, you will need to make a character sheet for D&D 5e. Additionally, we’d also encourage you to sign-up for Roll20 since one of our Dungeon Masters uses that website as their game’s platform. Lastly, you will need to download the Player’s Handbook. All of the rules are found in there, including plenty of base classes and races you can play. If you do not have the time to read, you are in luck. We believe in the philosophy of “Learning while Playing. Our Dungeon Masters will try to host a game for you that should serve as your tutorial.


Character Creation

The first thing you will need is a character sheet. We suggest using OrcPub, Google Drive, or even WotC’s Character Sheet PDF

The Player’s Handbook teaches you how to create a D&D character. It can be found on page 11. As reiterated before, a Dungeon Master or even a fellow Player can help you create your character. Nevertheless, you should at least have an idea how you want to play your character. Do you want to deal damage? A sword wielding paladin fighter perhaps. How about a support? Then a cleric or bard would be your game. If magic is your jam, then you’d definitely be interested in playing a Warlock, Wizard, or Sorcerer. Whatever idea you can conceive in your head, the D&D books probably has an iteration of them.

Please check out the FAQs for character creation as well.


Organized Play

This section is mostly for people who has played D&D’s Adventure League before and Dungeon Masters. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to understand of this part once you’ve played a game or two.

Assuming that you’ve played D&D before, Adventure League is an organized play made by Wizards of the Coast that makes it easier for players to play D&D. You probably know how difficult it is to play consistently with a group of people with schedules of their own. This system eliminates that. We however understand that it can limit roleplay and experimentation at times, as to why we modified some of the rules. If a rule isn’t specified here, it’s probably best to follow Adventure League’s rules.

The first thing we will be address is AL’s book limitation. In AL, you can only use the Player’s Handbook + 1 Supplemental Book when making your character. This means you cannot create a character if you’ve chosen a class archetype in Xanathar’s Guide and then pick a playable race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

-This group changed that rule. Instead we follow PHB + 2. This means you can use the Player’s Handbook plus two other supplemental books to create your character.
-Every new character starts as Level 2 instead of 1.
-Every new character starts with 1 free feat. Their feature is represented as a Dragonmark.
-You can play a monstrous race without limitation in terms of backstory and affiliation. Just don’t go overboard.
-You can play the races and backgrounds found on Eberron5e as if they’re listed in the Player’s Handbook.
-You cannot play the classes on Eberron5e unless they’re listed as accepted Unearthed Arcana. They are found below.
-You can use any supplemental from the Accepted Unearthed Arcana list below. Choosing one counts as a +1 or +2.
-You can play a race with Flight at level 1. The DM will adjust appropriately.
-You can respec or reclass your character if you are still in Tier 1. You can do this however many times you’d like outside of play, but you cannot change the character’s name.
-A free resurrection is available for a character of any Tier level once. They get the experience they would have received, but not the gold or magic items.
-There is no faction or Renowns. We still have Down Times.
-A character is only instantly killed if they go below -10 more than their max hitpoint in negative number.
-Invoking Meat Grinder is possible. Players will make a vote. Meat Grinder gives the party 10% more experience at the end of a module or session, but they do not make a successful Death Save if they rolled below a 15.
-A character in a higher Tier level can join games that are one tier lower. They play their character at the maximum level available in the game’s tier level while retaining their proficiency bonus and maximum hitpoints.
-When a Tier 1 Player Character finishes a game, they receive double the experience points instead.
-When a character uses a Certificate, it counts as a +1 unless stated otherwise.
-If your character wants to use a firearm, you can use the stats in Barkalof's Gunslinger pdf found below. It does not count as a +1


Accepted Unearthed Arcana:
Variant Fighter (+1)
Variant Ranger (+1)
WotC UA Artificier (+1)
WotC UA Mystic (+2)
Underclass Hero’s Artificier Archetypes (+1)
Underclass Hero’s Sage base class (+2)
Freewolf’s Madness Cleric Domain (+1)
Freewolf's Protection Cleric Domain (+1)
Watswrong’s Spellblade base class (+1)
Barkalot's Gunslinger (+1)
Additional Feats (+1)

You can request for an approval of an Unearthed Arcana supplemental reference by asking one of the DMs. Once approved, it counts as a +2.

Inspiration Points -

Another homebrew system that we use in this group is called Inspiration Points. Similar to becoming inspired whenever you're in a game, you get to roll with advantage. The inspiration point system allows players to accumulate these points. You can use them to reroll one of your dice results or an ally's. You gain Inspiration Points easily by roleplaying your character as intended. For example, if a conflict comes up that you have nothing to do with, but your character is a goody-two-shoe so he steps up anyway. You gain an inspiration point. You also gain inspiration points whenever you roll a result of 1 on your d20.

Grand Opening 01/21/2018 - Hello everyone, welcome to our group. The Dungeon Master and Players can help you create your character. 6 games will be hosted as per the Dungeon Master's schedule, which is a converted version of AL's In Volo's Wake. Additionally, the experience is tripled for those 6 games.

Race to Tier 2 - First character to reach Level 5 will receive a certificate that allows them to choose the Death Domain and serve The Dark Six or Undying Court. It counts as +0. You also get a Reborn Certificate. You can use the Reborn Certificate to ressurect your character of ANY level for free. Or you can use it to change the class/race on any level as well.

Runner-ups - Two other characters behind the first character to reach level 5 will get a Reborn Certificate.

Welcome to Revolution, a D&D 5e organized play and roleplaying group that uses the Eberron setting as a template for our setting. We are a group that allows Dungeon Masters and Players alike to hold sessions for homebrew one-offs, modules, and hardcovers.

Similar to Wizard of the Coast’s most popular organized play known as Adventure League, we use an organized play rule which allows you to join game sessions with ease. This means you do not have to strictly follow a schedule or group, instead, you can join when a Dungeon Master offers to host a game.

If you are new to D&D or Eberron, you don’t have to worry. This is a homebrew organized play which means plenty of the rules has been tweaked or expanded for easier game experience for our members. Our Dungeon Masters will ensure that you’d be able to learn and play on the go. Alternatively, if you are not interested in playing D&D with the group, you can simply roleplay in the room as you’d like.

For our Dungeon Masters, if you’re not confident with your lore background with Eberron, we have good news for you. The setting is basically a hundred years after the Last War and is an alternate universe. What this means is what you can come up with, we can incorporate it. You are empowered to create new places or tinker existing ones for your games. You are also allowed to use existing 5e modules or import old modules from other versions. You just have to change the names into something appropriate in Eberron.

1. You don’t have to like everyone, but we expect you to get along while you’re in our room. Respect and civility go hand in hand.

2. Post length doesn’t matter so much as you put effort into your writing. You’ll find more willing partners if you can consistently type more than three sentences. Quality is more important than quantity here.

3. Mistakes happen. Let’s not try to crucify anyone over the little things. Remember, staff, moderators and dungeon masters are people, too. Except Myco, he’s a bowl of cannibalizing rice.

4. Keep your character art to illustrations only and keep it tasteful. Remember, you’re adventurers, not hookers. If you use a face claim, make sure you’re not just ripping off the original character the art belongs to.

5. It has come to our attention that some of you MIGHT be hookers on the side, and if that’s the case, please keep your sexual conquests out of the main room. Please keep the grab-ass to a minimum.

6. Our minimum standard for profiles are a combinations of the following:
A picture or b) a paragraph description
A paragraph explaining your character
And a paragraph detailing their personality

7. No god-modding.

8. For fighting, you’ll use your character sheet, your numbers, your dice rolls and a healthy does of narration between PCs. Excessive combat may result in narrative intervention likely through the use of guards and positions of authority.

9. Anything is up for debate, though staff and mods have the final say. Should you dislike the decision, feel free to open your own Pokemon Gijinka D&D group.

sawyer wrote this so that should explain that

Admins Dungeon Masters 
The Mind Flayer

As mentioned, this is a D&D group that uses the Eberron setting. It is basically a medieval fantasy setting with a dash of steampunk, but replace steam with magic. We use the term manapunk. Most of the character events transpire in a continent known as Khorvaire. If you want to learn more about Eberron, you can visit the Eberron 5e website, or the Eberron Wiki.

You do not need to know the lore by heart to join or play. Remember, making a vague and somewhat generic backstory allows plenty of opportunity and development via roleplay and D&D games. However, if complication and intrigue is more of your game, a little bit of research would be a good idea.

Thronehold Twelve –

The Thronehold Twelve is a newly established guild not a month ago. They are an independent group founded to ensure that the Treaty of the Thronehold remains solid, which in turn would keep the peace throughout Khorvaire. The guild’s name is derived from the former capital of Kingdom Galifar, Thronehold, which is where the guild’s headquarter is found. And the number twelve represents the support of twelve dragonmarked houses. Though there are thirteen, House Phiarlan opted not get involved.

Dragonmarked houses supports the guild by funding their housing and adventuring needs. In addition, they also refer promising members within to join their ranks. Upon joining, members are expected swear loyalty to the guild rather than the houses they might have come from. Still, it's not unheard of for a house to send in an agent rather than a recruit. Though the guild’s purpose is to protect the integrity of the Treaty of Thronehold, they are assigned to quests and missions reported by a concerned dragonmarked house. The practice allow adventurers of Khorvaire not to show any bias or prejudice when dealing with assignments.