The story takes place in modern days on earth. The only difference is that things of myths, legends and fairy tales are true. Those scary stories in which creatures go bump in the night are a reality here. There are Chapters to this story and as such there is a beginning and an end. Characters getting to know one another, creature development, and a beginning to a tale in which fate will decide who lives and who dies and by what. The rp is open formed that will revolves around the chapter theme until main characters have moved forward in the story to begin the next chapter. The story is open to allow others to come and go as they please with their characters. Stories within a story are more than welcome but should not disturb the main objective to the chapter and overall story. Story chapter will be found in the topic and a brief description will be available along with it. Chapters are worked through with time and will not just end in a day or two.




If death is to come as it should, it will be mainly to NPC's or those willing to allow that of their main character to be killed. If one comes in and creates and atmosphere in which they have chosen for the sole purpose of allowing that character to be killed then that player needs to make that clear ooc that they plan on allowing their character to be killed. People who choose to play multiple characters in order to sacrifice one of them up to the rp death are appreciated but do not have to do so. 



(Ooc should be kept to a very strict minimum. There will be an ooc room open and if there is not you are more than welcome to head to RP anyone and speak with Zay or other mods/owners if you have questions pertaining to this room.)


(If it does not pertain to a realistic setting please refrain from bringing those OP characters in here. This room role play is based off RL mythologies with different creatures. Vampires, different types of Ghosts etcetera.



Squatters are only permitted for a short time

(If you are squatting to see if you are interested in joining that is fine but you will booted out if you have been there for more than an hour and have not said anything. Whether that be in the ooc room or ooc in the main room.)



There will be no over powering hits from human characters unless they can explain why their human has added abilities and is proven in their profile. Characters of different species must show in their profile their abilities and how they will affect their opponent. No randomly coming up with different abilities just because you feel like you are beginning to lose. NO FUCKING AUTO HITS. If you have not in some way shown that your hit is attempted it will be dodged by the opponent automatically and then you will receive an OOC warning, if you choose not to comply with these rules then you will be booted out with a warning to change it or not to come back. If you choose to act immaturely and come popping back in or causing drama through pm or in the ooc room you will be banned and not allowed back in. Weapons are permitted of course. Flaws must be known by you before battling and listed in your profile if you are playing a character that is not human.