The Setting for the roleplay will change often, depending on who is doing what where. There is no single setting, as people can be playing all over the worlds (Mars and Moon included), in cities or bases alike.


2104, the world has gone through much, including a third World War, the building colonies on the Moon and Mars, and the general overtaking of all political and professional institutes by an underground agency known as Shadow Realm Technologies. Lead by a council made of up political leaders within the United Nations and other volunteering countries, SR Technologies has become the prominent industry of the world. SR controls who lives, who dies. Which disease gets cured, which is left alone for profit and population control. Which cities get drawn for the sterilization act, which cities are allowed to thrive. SR is also suspected of deciding which countries go to war for what reasons.


Although most of the regular civilians of the worlds do not know of, or believe in SR Technologies powerful stance (SR Technologies publicly creates cores for plasma weapons), there are many who know exactly what the world has come to. The revolution started small but now amasses thousands of people spread throughout the worlds, working to expose SR Technologies and the IX.


[Will expand over time.]


Shadow Realm Technologies was founded in 1947 in the wake of the great war when the world realized that if left to their own devices, man would be the reason for the end of humanity. It started off as an underground council of men from nearly every developed country to discuss privately what would be best for the future of man. The agency was kept a secret for many years until a leak in the 1970''s, a sensitive time, brought them to light among many conspiracy theorist. It was not until after the third world war in 2046 that SR Technologies began to look at a bigger, broader picture.

So began 'The God Initiative', the goal to create the perfect weapon that could 'rival the Gods', and do the bidding of the SRT Council without fail. The Creator, Tesla Richtofen had a break through years later, designing what would be the basis for every God Initiate to follow. In 2087, the I took his first breath.


Aged up to sixteen years old, Adam proved extraordinary. Although life had been created before now, having been the first human created with the technology that SR had been working on for decades. His three implants (one on each wrist, one at the base of the neck) would prove integral to his usefulness, providing him with the chosen ability of multi-magnatism. Although his implanted fighting capabilities were near perfect, the I was soon labeled a 'failure' due to the fact that Adam maintained the mind of an innocent, finding it hard to take life unless threatened with punishment. Later that year, the II took first breath and was seemed to be a great improvement over Adam. But SR still found flaws within the II, beginning a process of trial and error over the span of 16 years until the IX displayed a dramatic improvement. With the IX's ability to use two powers instead of just one, SR knew they were close.


At the end of the sixteenth year, the day finally came when the X took his first breath. He was perfect. His physical appearance, his prowess, his ability to use all the previous IX powers and skills, and especially his eagerness to please his creators. The first month showed the X as being what the God Initiative had wanted all along, the perfect weapon eager to the councils bidding without question. . . or so, they had thought. The mistake had been made, that being that the X was taught about his creation process, and about the IX. Over the past sixteen years, the IX had been used as agents of SR Technologies, doing the bidding of the council in various ways ranging from assassination to thievery in order to 'ensure the well being of man.' SR has even began to 'loan' their agents out to other approved agencies for an adequate cost. The idea that the failures that preceded him still enjoyed the same privileges as him but somehow held more freedom angered him greatly, soon beginning to become more and more unresponsive during field work. After a massive display of power and destruction as well as mental instabilities, the X was deemed too dangerous and locked away where he could not escape. Much of the board wanted his execution, afraid of what could happen should he escape and turn on them, while the rest thought it a waste. Before a vote could be taken, the X escaped with the help of someone within SR. He vowed death to the IX, thinking that it would be the key to making his creators accept him once more.




Currently, SR has 32 bases of operations around the world as well as six scattered between the Moon and Mars colonies.




Plasma weapons:

 Standard issue to all agents within SR, the projectile weapons fires plasma rounds that deal corrosive and electric damage. The melee weapons are more akin to stun rods that melt skin.


Lazarus Serum:

 A serum created by SR that significantly heals wounds and extends life. Each syringe is pre measured due to the fact that the substance can be addicting. Too much exposed to the serum over time causes the cells to degenerate, leading to high turn around for Agents.


Jump Pads:

 Located in various locations around the world as well as among the space colonies, these teleportation pads allow people to travel quickly. A commercial version has been given to the general public with each teleport costing upwards of the ten thousands per person per use. SR Agents use them for free.



 The key to the special abilities gifted to the IX and the X. The implants were designed by The Creator along with the DNA blueprints used to create the IX. The implants release a specific mixture of chemicals to continue to provide the power to use the skills the IX posses. The implant is also a transmitter that The Ghost uses to guide the IX through life, and of course, the implant is also a track device.

The IX;

Open: [ ] Taken: Linked.

The IX are NOT set in stone save the X. Gender/Name/Weapons/Ethnicity can be changed so long as number and ability do not change. If taking on the role of the IX, one must assign themselves a weakness. Please PM Sven VII if interested.


[Adam, the I]

Age: 15, 32

Gender: Male

'Nationality'/Funding: German/Germany

Weapon of Choice: Twin Hand Guns

Ability: Multi Magnatism


[Eve, the II]

Age: 15, 32

Gender: Female

'Nationality'/Funding: Russian/Russia

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Ability: Demi Gravitational Manipulation


[Bellamy, the III]

Age: 13, 30

Gender: Male

'Nationality'/Funding: African-Kiwi/New Zealand

Weapon of Choice: Projectiles

Ability: Water Manipulation


[Kiaan, the IV]

Age: 11, 28

Gender: Male

'Nationality'/Funding: Indian/ Britain

Weapon of Choice: None.

Ability: Electric Combustion


Seung Gi, the V

Age: 11, 28

Gender: Female

'Nationality'/Funding: Korean/South Korea

Weapon of Choice: Swords

Ability: Portal Creation


[Ladhi, the VI]

Age: 9, 26

Gender: Female

'Nationality'/Funding: Indian/ India

Weapon of Choice: All.

Ability: Mental Displacement


Sven, the VII

Age: 8, 25

Gender: Female 

Nationality/Funding: Polish, United States

Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle

Ability: Matter Diving


[Nina, the VIII]

Age: 7, 17

Gender: Male

'Nationality'/Funding: Hispanic/ United States

Weapon of Choice: Gatling Gun

Ability: Regeneration


[Theodore, the IX]

Age: 4, 12

Gender: Male

'Nationality'/Funding: African-America/ United States

Weapon of Choice: None.

Ability: Paper and Wood Manipulation


[Maidar, the X]

Age: 2, 27

Gender: Male

'Nationality'/Funding: Mongolian/ Turkey

Weapon of Choice: All.

Ability: All.

[Open, with profile to give description, idea of the X.]

Other Factions;
For the Well-Being of Man.



Agents: Regular human agents that work with and around the IX at SR Technologies in the field. Usually issued plasma weapons to compliment their natural skills, they have a love hate relationship with the IX.


The God Initiative


The Creator: Tesla Richtofen created the means to bring the I to life, staying upon the creative team even in his late age to observe his creations up close.


The Mission: To be considered the 'Boss' of the IX, Xun Zhen Yu deligates and provides objects for the IX with absolute control and authority given by the council.


The Mechanic: Juri Perez took over as Lead Mechanic when Richtofen began to show his age, taking full responsibility of the IX's well being and maintenance with a team of 30.


The Ghost: A team of 5 lead by Matoko Iseiya that directly speak to the IX via their implants, providing information and anything the IX need to get through missions and life.



Jack [Jack's List]: 'Jack' is an unknown benefactor to SR Technologies that keeps track of special humans. Jack's List is a list of people that Jack keeps close watch of that display extra-human abilities. The IX are not allowed to take on Jack's List occupants unless given written approval from Jack, himself.


The RESOLVE: Because the world is in turmoil, the Government uses SR agents to look for revolutionaries that call themselves 'The RESOLVE', who are Anti-SR. They believe SR taking control of what events happen, what events don't, who lives or dies, is against the natural flow of life and man's progression. They have secret bases all of the worlds, Mars and the Moon included, and are lead by a man the call The Revolutionary.