Room Rules



1) First and foremost. NO TROLLING, STALKING, OR HARASSING. There will be no warnings if you break this rule. You will automatically be kicked or banned if necessary.


2) Next rule. No metagaming or godmodding. There is no tolerance for this.


3) Please have a profile with basic info about your character, at least 6 sentences. If you need help, ask Sans (also Cremation/Amajiki) and he will be happy to assist.


4) OOC DOES NOT EQUAL IC. What happens as characters does not reflect the typists themselves.


5) NO UNDERAGE USERS. That's an 18+ rule as the site clearly states and is an instant ban.


6) NO IDLING. If you're in the room, you play the game. If you haven't stated you're AFK and don't respond to 3 pings in a row, you will be kicked.


7) OOC chatter is to be directed to ToD: SE OOC


8) NO SLURS. This includes racial slurs and use of the word "retard".




10) He (or she, they, ze, etc.) who comments on the lack of a game starts one.


11) We do NOT discuss politics. This goes for both IC and OOC rooms.


12) Consent MUST be given for any and all dares! I can't believe I had to say this.


13) Backsassing mods about rules is an instant ban. We're tired of dealing with it.


14) IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OR A RULE SUGGESTION please either PM an owner or a moderator. We are always happy to help, and our top priority is to keep the room running smoothly and our regulars happy.




Game Rules



1) No underage characters. Gotta be 16+.


2) No random smut! All smut in this room must be game related. If you need random/casual smut so badly, there are rooms already designated for it. Or private message each other. Don't like it? Oh look... there's the door.


3) The dare cannot be worded to directly benefit the person giving the dare. Sorry. You can't get your freak on that easily. Where's the fun in that?


4) To refuse a truth or dare, you may remove an article of clothing up to four times. Once you have removed four pieces of clothing, you HAVE TO do all dares and truths from that point on.


5) You may not ask who asked you. Pretty simple.


6) You must ask the next person in a timely manner, even if your dare isn't complete yet.


7) NO VIOLENCE (put it this way... if it draws more than a drop of blood, no.)


8) In order for a game to be in progress, the room must have at least four members. Yes, this rule has already been stated. It's important.


9) Dares may (but don’t have to) be refused for free if the dare goes against the target's sexuality. Giving a dare like this essentially forces them to refuse, and it's shitty.


10) Extreme kinks (gore, hard OR soft vore, anything that belongs in the bathroom) are not allowed. Sorry.


11) Consent MUST be given for any and all dares! I can't believe I had to say this.







The room consists of a lounge area with various couches and chairs. A closet is conveniently filled with any necessary props, and there is a fully stocked bar and kitchen.


A little meta? Maybe. Oh well.


You found the Discord! Well done.