The Room Rules





1. Don't god mod bitch.


2. No OOC drama, shut up, I don't care.


3. Mods/Owners say is final, if someone tells you no, shut up and deal with it or get kicked.


4. One warning, one kick, one ban. If you've been kicked, more than likely you did something to break a rule. So check over this shit because we shouldn't have to verbally warn first.


5. Have fun.


6. Always accepting new employee applications. More than likely we'll run you through a trial to see if you're a good fit first before hiring on.


7. Issues? PM an owner to discuss them, no drama in the room.


8. Characters have to be 18+. No; if, ands or buts about it. That means if your character stopped aging at a certain age, they better have stopped at 18+.


9. Sexual content IS allowed in the room, along with the use of drugs and alcohol.


10. No lurking without informing a mod/owner first. It's just creepy..


11. Three sentence minimum post length required in the room, sorry. One-liners just don't give any details to work with. So put effort into your posts. So your post should be as long as this rule I typed up, have fun and thanks.



Profile Requirements. -


Some details, at least a good bio. Basic stats, for example; Name, Age, Race, Gender. A picture or a good description of the character in the profile to use as a visual image. No blanks accepted, sorry. If a mod or owner tells you that you simply don't have enough info, don't bitch about it. Fix it or get out.




This is the order you should contact IN PM first. Panty/Lazy--->Bakdom. Other mods in the room are mainly there to report to the owner/co-owner should they be away. They have no executive power.







Owner - Bakudom


Co-Owner - Panty





Head of Security - Xander


Head Bartender/Drug Dealer -Prince Lazy


Head Waitress/Escort - T.B.A.





Bouncer/Hitman 1 - Jace



Bartender/Drug Dealer 1 - Lacy Valdis


Bartender/Drug Dealer 2 - Rilynn Michele



Wait Staff/Escort 1 - Kina Valdis


Wait Staff/Escort 2 - Pending


Wait Staff/Escort 3 - Open


Wait Staff/Escort 4 - Open


Wait Staff/Escort 5 - Open



Smuggler - Two Hands Revy



Drug Runner 1 - Pending


Drug Runner 2 - Alice



DJ - Aly Monroe



Club Regulars / Favored Customers -


A Lone Drifter



-More to be added here as we get more loyal customers.-





Menu Pricing


Fountain drinks......$3.00




Mixed drink and Shots......$6.00




V.I.P. usage......$200.00


Escort......$1000.00 minimum plus V.I.P usage


Cigs......Single: $2.00, Pack: $8.00


Hand rolled herbal smokes......$16.00 (Sold in packs only.)


Drugs......Minimum of $50.00



You show the money first and then you can be supplied with what you need. You can speak to a bartender to fill most of these needs.





Room Description


Questionable Uses is a night club serving as a front for a drug ring. The night club is of course of a higher class, with minimal requirements for entry. Having an open dance floor and a bar that rolls across the western wall completely. The back room is where all the questionable activities go on. The constant flow of drugs rolling from the back room, as well as constant gambling. You can find anything here, if you make it into the back room anyways.


The main area of the club has dark black painted walls. The dance floor was a polish finished wood flooring, allowing for optimal movements. While a small DJ stand rested on the entry way to the back room. The back room was a shady grey color, tables loitering the sides of the room. With a ring type box in the center, noted as a losers circle. Perhaps not a place you'd want to visit. Open contracts for all the club hiring loitering the northern most wall. Only needing a name to be signed.


So come and fill all your dark desires here. As a sign hung over the front entrance of the club. ~Open to all visitors.~ The eastern side of the room seemed to be more like a comforting place, the darkened area allowing for open public displays. While offering a wide array of comortable sofa and couches, along with a few booths. To suit all the needs of his patrons. A stripper Pole is near the main black leather couch, near the entry way to the backroom. Perhaps an interview station of sorts. Though along the southern wall, guarding the door was a series of stripper poles, having stools located around them. With a hanging sign ~No touching without permission bitches.~