The Yin and Yang Inn

Residing along the barest outskirts of what was called The Forest

of Umbra, two incubus half- brothers have just succeeded in

renovating their once dilapidated and empty mansion into a

lavish, well equipped Inn. While one of the brothers, The Lothario,

happens to only be partially demonic, he commands every room

and most every person with his firm presence and had been

granted with a plethora of kineses abilities.


His younger, full incubus brother The Adonis, was born with but one power,but

it was incredibly potent; the ability to detect the emotions and

mental status of those around him and far away with a power

known as being an Empath, as well as being able to suck their

negative emotions from them or gift unto them positive notes,

at his expense. He is far more submissive, a door mat, and has

passive, non-assertive social skills.
Within the walls of the abode

there are quite a few things to do; there is a small casino, an

equally minuscule brothel, a large billiard hall, a bar, and last but

not least, a sprawling pool. Do pop in and relax...