Welcome! It's a long read, so get to it!

Welcome to the Multirealm Inn where all sorts of characters are welcomed. Here, you'll find people from all walks of life; some may be more open to your company, while others would be more interested in taking in the sights. Just remember that everyone has a story, and you won't learn what it is until you open up and talk to somebody!


The only characters that cannot stay in the inn are overly sexual characters. The inn isn't sexual based nor do we desire it in our main room RPs. Besides that anyone is welcome to the lovely building. The owner and co-owners, or mods will not always be around to help start RPs so it is up to you as the community to start one during times of ooc. If you have an idea that you wish to make an inn "event" just pop it on the message board and a moderator/owner will contact you about it to help set it up.


Simply because we can we also have a facebook page. 



  Setting Information

General description: Weary travelers from many planes have spoken of an Inn that comes and goes. It is unusual in that upon arriving at the cozy building, they find creatures and beings they might not ever have met before. Surrounded by an ever present mist that lingers within the forest, travelers can find a trail through the woods that leads to a clearing. On a sunny, brisk day, the three story Inn is always found to be open. Off in the distance, the sound of water lapping at the banks of a lake can be heard. On the first floor of the Inn is a seating area with plush couches, chairs and a crackling fireplace. Further into the building are tables and seats where patrons can eat, and on the furthest wall is a bar, behind which the Innkeeper is usually found. One can always help themselves if they must! On the second floor are an abundance of rooms for rent, while the top floor is locked off to guests.


Note: The inn, due to recent and past events, is semi alive and is able to heal any damage done to it in a matter of minutes.



Mystic Forest: Most wanderers will first find themselves lost within the forest when they approach the tavern. The surrounding area is covered in a light mist, making it hard to see far. Creatures lurk within the mist, so it would be a good idea to either hurry from the forest  as quickly as you can, or if you're feeling brave, stay and fight!


Green Lake: A short distance away from the tavern, down a well paved trail through the forest, lays a crystal clear lake called Green Lake. There is a serene cascading waterfall, as well as a large rock that people can dive from. People can go there to cool down, or get away from the hubbub in the tavern.


Temple: Due to recent efforts by patrons and employees at the inn there has been a discovery of a decrepit temple like complex hidden within the thickest portions of the forest. The way to the temple is shrouded and riddled with dangerous monsters and traps, so one should be extremely careful to avoid disaster when trying to plunder its depths!


Canyon: Another portion of the realm recently discovered is a canyon several miles away from the Inn and even the lake. The bottom of the canyon is shrouded by the mist of the realm, not giving up its secrets to those that dare to explore its dangerous reaches.


Cave: Far off from the inn, farther than the newly discovered temple, is a cave complex. The same mist that is in the canyon and the forest also suffocates this complex as well. Many surmise that this works like a portal system, but is untested.


Porch: There is a porch that wraps around the entire building. There are a few chairs here and there where people can sit and look out into the misty forest, or have some private time.


Hot springs: Next to the lake is a divided hot springs for the relaxation of any and all characters to enjoy and chill out in! Have fun and no peaking!



Ground Floor: Upon entering through the double doors a sprawling room is revealed. Off to the left is a cozy seating area with two long couches, as well as various armchairs and beanbags. There are end tables and coffee tables where one can set their drinks. On the wall is a fire, which is blazing all day, every day.


As you proceed inside of the room, off to the right are numerous round tables round tables surrounded by chairs, and lining the walls are booths. The seating area stops about five feet from the front of the bar. A row of stools line the bar, which has a few bowls of treats set out for people to snack on.


The wall behind the bar is lined with bottles of various drinks. Anything you want is probably in stock. Two swinging doors are off to the left, and lead to the kitchen and pantry.


Second Floor: The stairway is off to the left of the bar, and lead upstairs to a corridor lined with many doors. At the end of the hallway is another stairway leading up to the dwelling space of the Innkeepers. This area is off limits to patrons.


Third Floor: Located on the third floor is an open lounge for the Innkeepers, as well as their rooms.


Rooms: All rooms can be rented overnight for a small donation befitting the character's currency, or an exchange of goods or deeds.


Bar: The bar is imbued with magic, or some other type of technology, and can be used to summon any type of food or drink. All that must be done is think of the food and/or drink and reach into the bar and pull your hand out. This knowledge must be taught to new characters and can be counted as an Auto when a new character does this without prior knowledge.  


Kitchen: Accessible to all, the kitchen is fully stocked and has the best cooking supplies one could ever hope for.


Basement Cellar: The cellar is stocked with drinks and other supplies. There is a secret door within the cellar. Think you can figure out what's behind it?



Rules: I know there are a lot, but they are necessary.

1.) Respect yourself and others
    a.) Everyone’s Characters Are Accepted.
    b.) Do not troll or harass someone. T'will not be tolerated.
    c.) Respect the wishes of others, if they do not wish to be bothered, do not bother them.
    d.) Please handle problems via PM and in a respectable mature manner.
    e.) You do not have to like the mods, but you DO have to respect them. They have EARNED their positions.
    f.) Not everyone's characters are going to get along, get over it.
    g.) No name calling, racial slurs, or sexist comments.
    h.) If you do not attempt to start an RP, do not complain about there being no RP.

2.) General RP rules.
    a.) No God Moding.
        i.) No meta-gaming.
        ii.) Do not make your character invincible. They must be defeatable if you are going to fight.
        iii.) Do not auto-shot/hit/action/kill
        iiii.) Have an energy limit if you're going to fight.
    b.) Do not troll.
    c.) Keep OoC to the OoC room (MultirealminnOoC) No exceptions.
    e.) Do not discriminate against post length
        i.) Do not rapid post one one or two liner right after another. It's annoying as hell and you WILL be warned and then kicked for it.
    f.) Just because someone doesn't object to your autoing doesn't mean it won't be called upon and dealt with. Autoing of ANY kind is detrimental to an RP and will be dealt with by warnings and bans.
    h.) If you don't use proper grammar/punctuation/spelling/capitalization. Do not complain about people complaining to you/getting ignored/voided.
    i.) Take sexual RPs to PM. No Exceptions.
    j.) OOC goes to the OOC room. If you instantly post an obviously OOC comment upon entry, you may be subjected to a kick from the room at moderator discretion.

3.) Moderator Rules and how to file a complaint.
    a.) Keep neutral, do not take sides in issues.
    b.) PM fights cannot be dealt with by a mod unless the person is PMing multiple people. The mod can ask the person to stop the harassment and do nothing further.
        i.) Harassment to moderators can result in a kick or temporary ban.
            1.) A "modcheck" must be done before action is taken.
                a.) A modcheck is simply the harassed moderator posting the logs and informing another moderator of the situation.
    c.) If a moderator says an OoC discussion is done, it is done, no argument. Arguing with the moderators can result in kicks and bans.    d.) Moderators cannot god mode. They can be called on this and reported to other moderators.
    e.) Moderators must be polite, they don't have to deal with your crap though.
    (How to file a complaint on a moderator)
    a.) Hit the NEW PM button ont he upper left corner and type in one of the names: Aiden Pryde, Starye, or Ala.
        i.) Post the logs of EXACTLY what happened, a screenshot is even better. It will be looked over by Aiden Pryde

4.) On the subject of kicks/bans.
A ban is almost always temporary unless you are a known group destroyer/troll. Trolls are instantly permanent banned. A ban can be appealed by the same way as filing a complaint against a moderator. Do the same process with a  screenshot/logs of the incident and it will be reversed depending on what happened. The more information you can give with screenshots or copypasted logs helps get rid of the ban faster.