We're riding out! Pass by the moon!

Bird's eye view of the universe!


The Grand Multiverse Super Collision!

What's Become of the Supreme Kai of Time?






Following the events of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and the defeat of the Demon Lord Demigra, the flow of time was thought to be truly free from the torment of the Time Breakers. However, this was not to be. The Chronus Hourglass, a powerful and mystical artifact in the employ of the Supreme Kai of Time was sundered under burden of excessive interference with the flow of time by the surplus of Time Patrollers. It is believed that there, in that instant, the multitude of realities or "multiverses" began to unravel and converge on a single point.


This dimensional vertex, herein named Haven, is a universe not unlike one you may be familiar with. Old adversaries and friends long forgotten have seemingly been reborn here, curiousity drawing them to the distant planet of Earth. It is rumoured that even the extinct race of Saiyans has surfaced here, from their own alternate universe - one where they weren't so ruthlessly eradicated by the ominously all-powerful Frieza.


The full extent of the damage to existence that this catastrophe has inflicted is yet undecided.  Amidst all this temporal chaos, what has become of the Supreme Kai of Time? What has drawn these interdimensional travelers to THIS planet Earth?


What lies in store?







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