Welcome. Valar Morghulis is a role play set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. It is an alternate universe with an original spin. The lore remains up to a certain point (The prior fifty years or so). As a rule, we don't allow canon characters. This is ultimately to prevent from touching an already well created world, set of characters and allowing us, and yourself to write our own stories. We welcome all writers, whether you're familiar with the books or the TV series, or neither and just like fantasy RPs.  Characters do need approval prior to play. This is to prevent characters that violate the worlds setting. Story lines however do not need approval. You're encouraged to develop them as you wish, as we try to embrace that brutal realism seen in the series. At least when we can. 

More complete info, including rules, character creation, played characters and more within:




For those somewhat familar with the series, we are currently set in 290AC. Ten years prior to the setting, King Baelor Targaryen had seen a winter poorly. A hedonistic man that was obsessed with greed, and made his people suffer for it. He borrowed absurd amounts of gold from House Lannister, which he innevitably refused to repay. This saw the withdraw of suppot from the Lions and after Royal Bannermen raided reach graineries and other food supplies, leading to the starvation of thousands.. The Lannister soon had their allies against their King. It was when Malakith Blackfyre and the golden sons at his back joined the bout of the brief Usurper's War that King Baelor soon found his end.. and many of the Targryens with him. It is a lesser known fact amongst the realm, but a handful escaped. In the years following, Dorne suffered for their support of their Targaryen Blood however a decade later and they find themselves slowly back on both legs and still bitter for the end they received. A war occured in the following years of  Malakith's reign. Several free cities went to war with Westeros amongst the Narrow Sea. In the ensuing fog of war, many Westerosi were brought into slavery, and the Free Cities suffered heavy losses to their Westerosi opponents. However at the end, Westeros won and forced those few Free Cities into a treaty. One which has caused growing enmity towards the Seven Kingdoms. 




Current Storylines


Increased Pirate activity in the Narrow Sea that has found supply lines of Eastern goods, and Western Goods east, among other things has provoked response of King Malakiths. Plans for war in the stepstones have begun. 

The wall suffered a brief attack by giants and wildlings. Easily defended by nearly ten  members of the watch dead. A few may have slipped by in the frenzy.