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TeradaNatsu, Moku, & Jinni
The room's homepage is currently under work as we get settled. Message any of the Mods for Questions.
Currently working on Webbie
Welcome to Seattle by Night, an Rp based on the Anita Blake Novels & set in Seattle.
Woot! This is where I can post a more intricate blurb about the setting, but since I haven't I will talk about kittens, and how awesome kittens are so this ends up sitting right. I am totally not thinking about tacos, or moogles.. or FF XIV or playing FF XIV while eating tacos because that would be counterproductive to getting this done..
Player List
Natsu,Terada: Master Vampire
(Call Animals (Wolves), Rise Early, Empathetic Voice Manipulation (blades scraping skin), Resist Silver, Reads Minds, Thrall (Makes Slave), Rotting Vampire, Corruption (Bite can make someone rot resulting in death)
Asuka,Wakahisa Master of the City
Call Animals (Ravens), Rise Early, Empathetic Voice Manipulation (Cause Headiness), Resist Silver, Reads Minds, Rotting Vampire, Summon Blood (Uses aura of power on magic beings to create slashes)
Josh,McCray Ulfric/Alpha Werewolf
Alica,Verdias master-vampire
(NightHag,Can feed on fear, Create fear in those around them.)
Viola,Rose Fledgling Vampire
(Morte D'Amour bloodline, no powers )
Erica,Loussard Human
(Paranormal Investigator)
Moku,Lane Human/Witch
Enzo,Acker Human Servant
(Immortal, Increased Endurance, Able to draw on Asuka's Strength, Can communicate mentally with Asuka (Asleep or Awake), Near complete immunity to Asuka's mental powers, hand to hand combat, ex-executioner, Good with explosives.)
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