About Our Pack                                                                                                                   


Welcome to our beautiful packlands resting within the Redwood Forest in California. We are a one of a kind family! Most of the time you will find a lot of the members in wolf form. We as a pack, pride ourselves in being as close to realistic wolves as possible. Our packlands have anything from den sites to a pack house for those whom wish to live or sleep as a human.


Our Pack lands have several small streams and creeks.
The most well known bodies of water within our pack are the Toras River. Sacramento River, one of the largest bodies or water. Nebraska Stream, and Wolf Spirit Lake in which the pack house rest upon; you can even go out onto the houses dock to be right above the water itself.                                                                                  


When you want to ever be alone with your thoughts or want to meditate, you should head off towards a mountain ridge that is near the border of the pack lands. There you can climb up a steep ridge that leads to a flat rock that over looks the Redwood valley, seeing the forest, Wolf Spirit lake that's off in the distance, there's also the Toras river just near the ridge.


If you want some privacy you could go to the hot springs that are connected to the Nebraska river but has it's okay underground lava tubes that keep the water at a constant 105 degrees all year long


If you would like to see what our lands look like, and learn a little more about Us, visit our Pack website:  Silvermoon Pack Lands



Rules of the Pack


1. No lurking in the room. If you come in the room and just sit there for a while you will be kicked.


2.  Not a smut room, take things to pm once they start to go that way; or both parties shall be kicked.


Smut also means foreplay, for those of you who dont understand. We dont care if its in the ooc pack chat, or IC; you do not use smut in the rooms at all. If you feel you wish to take it to that lvl take it to PM, no one wants to see it; thank you.


3. No god playing, if you spar with another member of the pack you must both agree to the terms of the fight; and must have a weakness. Every char has weakness,; you dont have to yell them from a rooftop; but Please do not god play your characters.Not every one is going to get along in character. And fights can happen, please remember no auto hits or modding. Give the person a change to block, or take the hit.


4. Post Length: You must be able to do at least five lines at mimimum to be in this pack. We have several that do para and up, it gets a little frustrating when you post a para; and receive a one or two line in return. So please post at least five lines thank you.


5. If you join our pack and if any of our members see you in an enemy pack IC OR OOC you will be warned. Being in any enemy packlands is  not allowed, unless taken to the lands as a group, or is previously approved by the alpha. The First time you are warned, second time you are warned and kicked for the day third time you are removed


6. Have you done a wrong within our pack? Do you wish to come back into your natural family?? IF so you Must be grinted "enouwian" by the ones you have done wrong. The ones you have done wrong must agree to put the past into the past allowing your past wrongs to be forgiven and forgotten. While the cermoney is being taken place you must have three to four witnesses.


7. Alts and Activeness. You may join the pack with as many alts as you would like; but if you become inactive with that alt that one will be removed. If and when you become active on the alt again you may be readded to the pack in the same rank you left in.



Characters That are Welcome: Wolfs, werewolfs Lythrobs, Humans, Creautres mixed with any of those blood types Are welcome.


Characters that are Not welcome: Furries, Vampires, Witches, Robots, Werecats, Ghosts, Nekos, Demons, Angels

If you are unsure your character will fit into the storyline, Dont assume; ask either Xander Shadows or Mayumi Hiruko.









Alpha: Mayumi Hiruko aka May
Betas:  Tyler Moore -

Sentinels: -

Elders: Jason Hira -

Assassin: -

Warriors: Liege Exodus


Scouts: - 

Pup Watchers: - 

Healers: Tala

Omegas: Sayomi - Trot - Maiell -  Stealth - Mister Cain- Luna - Sattahri Lunarie

Pups: -


Allies: -






(This is the tribal tattoo that the female members reseve after joining the pack, it is an arm ban that they reseve. they can pick either arm the ban is placed upon. The ban itself rest on the upper arm  just below the shoulder)




(This is the tribal tattoo that the male members reseve after joining the pack, it is an arm ban that they reseve. they can pick either arm the ban is placed upon. The ban itself rest on the upper arm  just below the shoulder)