IC (In character Rules):



1)      Rpers must have a Complete profile, no Blanks allowed. Blanks will be Booted after two warnings. Blanks are only accepted if the Rper is currently working on or redoing their profile, that is the only exception, but a warning will be issued by an Owner or Mod. If a Rper continues to have a Blank Profile and fails to deliver a reason to either a Mod or Owner as to why said Profile remains Blank. Rper will then be booted and banned.
While the paragraph above states no profile, this will also be in effect. I am tired as a admin seeing some profiles just half ass, and pictured up. Those deemed terrible and not fit for our room, will be booted.

A) Names shall only consist of alphabetic lettering! NO NUMBERS INCLUDES! THIS WILL GET YOU AUTO-BANNED!
B)Seeing as we are slowly, but surely opening the room to the public. We are in the process of designing a certain type of application, that will be submitted to the Owners of the room for approval. Now, with that being said, the only way to be in this room will be with this designed application on the bottom of your profile or at top. Profile owner's choice.
c)More rules to come, if need.

2)      Humans are allowed in the Realm, Vampires, Demons and other Non Humans, but no playing God. If your character is in a fight for example and gets hit and wounded, said character cannot “miraculously” recover in seconds to fight again. If this is witnessed by another Rper, please report it to a Mod or Owner. The character responsible will be warned, and if caught doing that again, then that Rper will be booted and banned.

3)      Standard fighting styles welcomed, make note that all Rpers must be aware of these Styles, and become familiar with the Rules. http://www.scribd.com/doc/11548456/T1-Rules-and-Guidelines-for-the-Modern-Day-Role-Player This site will help in teaching or refreshing Rpers in these Styles.

4)      NO BULLSHIT, NO DRAMA, if you want to be an ass and a jerk, you will be Banned, no questions asked. This is a Rp Room for those seeking awesome Rp, as before Mods have the option of Banning and Booting, along with Owners (Duh).

5) While in the room, something that needs to be made clear. The character's are not in a bar, tavern, or any of the following! The character start of at the edge of a mountain bottom, that has long since be gutted out, and made to look like ruins. However, the mountain does have many locations in it. Please remember when posting an intro.

6) Character profile selection is simple. Here how the character law's go in this room, Rayne and Stealth are Immortals and basically the God and Goddess' of the room. DO NOT question how they run things. The list below are how things are below, from greastest to least.
I) Immortals - God (Owners only)
II) Immortal -  Demi-Gods (Mods)
III) Vampires - Faction Owners
IV) Demons - Domain Owners
V) Demons - Severants of ??????
VI) Humans - Faction Severant
VII) Humans - Slave of ???

7) In order to posses a Faction or a Domain, your character must be willing to follow future rules under construction for this realm. No questions asked.

8) Posting length can range from any where to one line, to mutli-paragraphs. However, please no noob typeing, or no proper grammar. Please try to be courtious to others, and follow this room.

9)The room will remain open to the public, until we start getting our feel of role players feeling up.

10) More to come as needed. Please be patient with us. Thank you!


OOC (Out of Character Rules):



OOC (Out of Character Rules):
1)      Keep OOC in the out of character room known as Blitz OOC, not in the Room of The Vampiric Haven. However,with the exception of saying BRB or that a Rper must leave, failure to do so will result in a warning, continuing to do so will result in being Booted and Banned. Mods and Owners may speak OOC, only to announce changes or saying BRB or if they too have to leave. If a Rper has an issue, please notify the Room Owner or Mod via a IM/PM.






The Realm of Blitz Application
The Vampiric Haven:


  • Out of Character Info:
    First name only:  
    Gender (YOUR REAL SEX):
    D.o.B. - Age:

    Character Application:

Date of Birth:
Blood type:
Special Features: (Via beard and etc.)
Race:_____________________ Class:____________________ Type:_______________
Left Arm:
Right Arm:
Left Hand:
Right Hand:
Right leg:
Left Leg:
Left Knee:
Right Knee:
Left foot:
Right foot:
Family Type: (Via Rich, Poor, etc.)
Do not fill out anything below the line. Owners and mods will decide if accepted.
Owner of a Faction:
Owner of a Domain:

Free, Owner of, Peasant, Pet, Servant, Slave, Subject, or Undetermined

 Pleas email your application to one of the following:
Goddess Rayne  

God Stealth